RandomNPC: Pokémon Black Version Import Review

RandomNPC writes: "But with Pokémon Black, I’ve not only been locked out of using my brand-new, actually-comfortable-in-my-fre akishly-large-hands, did-we-mention-the-screens-are -92%-larger DSi XL, but I can only transfer pokémon to it by trading them to my friend Jim across town, who happened to pick up a copy of SoulSilver at the Pokémon Center in Tokyo on his vacation this summer. That’s a lot of finagling just to get my hypnosis-and-false-swipe-packi ng Gallade into the new version. Hopefully, the inevitable release of Grey Version will address some of these concerns. In the meantime, we on these shores might as well continue speculating, as we have some five months to go before we can participate in this new era."

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