Medal Of Honor Glitch Let’s You See Through Walls

GamingBuzz writes: “ Is that an Invisible man ? No, its your online characters perk "foresight" it allows you to see through walls after a 30 man killstreak. Can you blame me for having some fun with this? All jokes aside this is how I came to discover this glitch, well it was one of those " I was there at the right time moment" type deal. Anyways I was playing a round of combat mission and I was on the defending team in Mazar-Sharif Airfield when suddenly I look near the objective next to the airplane only to see about 5 digital outlines of enemies. It was hard to tell the distance between them and the mount of scrap medal but I doubt it was too far as you can see I caught a perfect view of our friend here in the video. Luckily by the time I started recording I was able to catch one person behind this invisible wall. Enjoy the Video"

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LoaMcLoa3286d ago

Oh, wait... I can't view the video.

sickbird3286d ago

Jk, i know the video has been removed.

Ray1863286d ago

This video has been removed by the user.

writersblock3286d ago

How bout them leafs?
4-0, they're doing well this year :P

Halochampian3286d ago

yea. Just watch out for them Caps :)

Microsoft_Spokesman3286d ago

fucking Sens they suck shit so far. I'm pissed D:<

MGRogue20173286d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the video.. -.-

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The story is too old to be commented.