The Week Ahead: 31/08/07

Sony's PlayStation 3 is coming up to its first Christmas in the UK, and a few alarm bells are ringing. Although it's not had a disastrous launch and subsequent rollout there's definitely a sense that Sony is beginning to lose the 'mindshare' with press and consumers.

Take a look at this week's releases. While there's nothing stellar on display it's significant that the PS3 versions of both Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Stuntman: Ignition are both delayed until late September.

In fact, there are no PS3 releases this week at all..

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Bloodmask4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

Stop censoring the news just bc you don't like Anti-Sony articles. This website is from the UK and it is PS3's first Christmas there. Some of you guys get too adament in your defense of anything anti-Sony. And it is ruining this website.

Just because PS3 is your console of choice doesn't mean that other people that visit this website shouldn't be able to read this.

With these things taken into consideration I would agree with the article. That this is not a good week for the PS3 with no new games coming out. Not to mention that Stuntman and Tiger Woods are both delayed.

Rama262854165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

This article is making a story out of nothing. This isn't like the first week people in the UK haven't had a game released - we've had weeks on end without games being released! In fact, the next game coming out is on 14/09/07, so that's two weeks without games being released.

Look at the recent releases:

Ninja Gaiden Sigma - July 6th
Transformers - July 20th
The Darkness - July 20th
Surfs Up - August 3rd
GRAW 2 - August 24th

How many gaps of no releases have their been? What's the point of highlighting this one as if it's shocking.

Not to mention, there are so many games coming out in the near future and before Christmas there will be so many games people wont know what to do with them! Look at the upcoming releases:

September 14th - 2 games
September 21st - 5 games
September 28th - 10 games
October 5th - 4 games
October 12th - 4 games
October 19th - 4 games
October 26th - 8 games
November 2nd - 4 games
November 9th - 5 games
November 16th - 5 games
November 23rd - 1 game
November 30th - 4 games
December 7th - 2 games
December 14th - 4 games

That is an average of over 4 games coming out EVERY week up to Christmas.

Please, this aint news. It's trouble making without balanced views.

Bloodmask4165d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

This story also focuses on many other things. Such as the games that ARE coming out this week. And the games that have been delayed also.

It is so obvious what happens on this website. Like I said quit censoring the news. And yeah, don't approve articles that are flamebait...LOL. Those are the types of articles that generate the most hits for this website and make it money.

Use whatever excuses you want and make all the lists you want, It is still just as pathetic in the end. You know it as well as I do.
----------------------------- -----------
Here is a good example of how things really are. This article was posted not too long ago and observe the title totally altered to be a Pro-Sony type heading. Yet it was still approved even after being reported multiple times.

And look who posted it...M3rcenary. The very same hypocrite who reports someone for doing the same thing he does for this story.

I like how the rules apply to some but not to others.

But when the situation is reversed it is the exact opposite.

Rama262854165d ago

I have no problem with approving this as news - as soon as the title changes and a better picture is used and perhaps a few channels taken away. It seems to be focused on the PS3 in a negative way and then put in pretty much all the channels to start a flame war. I'll approve the story once it meets guidelines whether I agree with what it's saying or not. That's what comments are for, to start a discussion on the news reported :)

ALI-G4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

back to the topic :
sh11111111111111t PS3 did not get port this week. but chill out sony already give u 1 free blur-ray so u can watch it in ur SDTV, while waiiiiiiiiiiting for ur ports.

TnS4164d ago

Here is the topic in the forums for this issue:

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DrWan4165d ago

I dont see many of us go around digging articles on "no games on Wii or 360 release this week, therefore they are doom". Fueling stupid website with traffic, pathetic. (i did not even click into it, no need to see what i already know.

TheMART4165d ago

You Sony droids are pathetic, any 360 negative news we read over and over the same story again.

Now this month the 360 had Bioshock, Blue Dragon, Moto GP 07. The PS3 got what a 6 month delayed GRAW2?

The article is just right on. It should get approved

Rama262854165d ago

It should be approved - but not in it's current state.

1. The title needs to be changed as it's been changed from the original.
2. With the current spin on this weeks releases this should be in the PS3 channel only.
3. The picture holds no relevance to the story and needs to be changed.

As I said earlier, I'd approve this story regardless of whether it's pro-sony/pro-micrsoft or the opposite. It just needs to be meet the guidelines and then people can discuss their opinions afterwards.

xbox360migs4164d ago

This site needs to be changed to Good News 4 PS3 Gamers Bad news 4 xbox 360, I have had enough of it's biased slant as of recent. I posted a tip on Xbox 360 having IPTV here in the uk soon but the tip never saw the light of day!

Greysturm4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

or should i say xbots cause you guys are in a league of your own.

@above: Maybee you should have tried posting the news yourself since many tips do not become stories on the simple fact that no one bothers to make the news article for aproval but yeah its sony fans fault along with global warming and little green men conspirqacy against microsoft. I said this would happen and look not even a month after great news for xbox owners on reviews of bioshock and new improved skus and look one article needs editing and suddenly the whole site is biased against the 360.

xbox360migs4162d ago

I was not basing my opinion on one post, I find your comment insulting and full of ignorance.

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tonsoffun4165d ago

I have no probs with the article - it is just the ridiculous flamebait title.

Change to something a little less on the flamebait scale and I'll approve no probs.

Zhuk4165d ago

The PS3 needs games fast or it will be struggling for at least till the end of the year and it will be stuck in 3rd for a long time

Rama262854165d ago

This is why this story is stupid. It doesn't disclose all the facts and is very biased. Then people like yourself will read it and think things like you just said.

See my post further up (1.1) and you'll see why this story is useless.

Bloodmask4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

It just states what games are coming out this week in the UK. And on which systems. And also which games have been delayed.

All the Sony extremists are just ticked bc there are no PS3 games on the list. And the article has a negative vibe to it towards Sony.

tonsoffun4164d ago

So what about the weeks where there was nowt released for the 360 - surely you would see that a similar title only switched with the 360 would be equally the same kind of flamebait?

As I said, cut the flamebait title and I'll approve no probs.

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