Top 10 PC Games That We All Want on a Console

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"Having been without a computer capable of playing all the latest and greatest games for a little bit, I’ve been forced to get my PC playtime in on the machines of overly-understanding friends who don’t mind my using their computers that I’m guessing would really just spend their free time thinking about what they’d finally do to Sarah Connor if they ever got their dongles on her. But as with successive console generations, each new PC evolution invariably harkens a new set of games that demands not only the best technology, but the hard earned money of the gaming community to acquire said hardware."

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UltimaEnder3287d ago

Would love to see Starcraft 2 on a console, however like the author of this list I don't think RTS fit well on consoles, especially those ported from the PC!

JsonHenry3287d ago

SC2, Stalker (all 3 games), The Witcher, Diablo 3. That is just a start.

Persistantthug3287d ago

The problem is that the makers of most of these RTS's always seem to want to dumb their games down for the consoles when they don't have to...and I'm not talking about graphics or trivial stuff like that.

For example, I have C&C Red Alert 3 for the PS3, and it isn't that bad, but why couldn't they have added Keyboard and Mouse support as an option?

Starcraft 2, if made for consoles could easily be done, but half assing the control schemes is usually what makes them subpar.

Fruit Loops3287d ago

but i would love to see them put it on consoles

ico923287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

its not just that, the fact is that RTS are in low demand on consoles, the most successful Console RTS ever is Halo Wars that sold like what 2 million units worldwide, and that was mainly because of the Halo name , maybe someday there will be that one console RTS but until that day .......

Perjoss3286d ago

To a certain point, RTS works really well on consoles, I had a blast with Battle for Middle earth II and Halo Wars, the controls were really well thought out.

When it comes to advanced actions like micro managing an army in real time the consoles are not good for this, but in a game where moderate macro and then some attack moves are required consoles do just fine.

Persistantthug3286d ago

There are no AAA Quality RTS games on consoles to use as a point of reference.

You can't make crappy games, then when no body buys said crappy game, then act all surprised and puzzled.

Show me a 90+ rated RTS on current gen consoles and I may be willing to rightfully concede my point.

The bottom line, You can't have a AAA quality game with D-Average control schemes. And there's no excuse for this considering all the HD consoles have USB ports.

Lazy developers do not deserve good sales, and that's exactly what they (console RTS devs) all have have been.

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GWAVE3287d ago

Minecraft as a PSN/Xbox Live download with online support would be cool.

I'd also love to see "the internet" on consoles. One thing that keeps me going back to PC is that you can jump online and play thousands upon thousands of free browser-based games.

Gawdl3y3287d ago

Minecraft Alpha is amazing!

Darkfocus3287d ago

there's a browser on ps3... it's just really sub par...

Agent-863287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

The best solution is to own a PC and a console. I have both (PC + PS3) and get the best of both worlds. Personally, I enjoy FPS and RTS games on the PC more because I believe the graphics and controls are better (keyboard and mouse all the way!). My PS3 then covers the great Sony exclusives plus the console only games not available on the PC.


Not Starcraft 2 of coarse... But with move support Starcraft 1 would not be a bad Idea as the move can work like a mouse in some ways...To be Honest I am mot really into PC gaming but Doom and Starcraft are 2 games that I might get... I think the best games coming right now are on the PS3 though, as those are the games that I am most excited to play in the Future.

STONEY43287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

"Not Starcraft 2 of coarse... But with move support Starcraft 1 would not be a bad Idea as the move can work like a mouse in some ways.."

Lawl? Have you played Starcraft 1? You have to be even faster than in Starcraft 2, because of things like no rally points, manually mining workers, no shift-que for building, no smart-casting AI, ect.

"Ruse works well with move... I think starcraft would too"

And Ruse is a LOT slower than Starcraft 2, let alone 1. Seriously, I average right now about 80-90 APM (actions per minute) in Starcraft 2. I really don't see how I could possibly do that with Move. The game relies on hotkeys VERY heavily. As in, any game I play I'll at the very least be binding about 6 numbers on my keyboard to my army and production buildings.

I can be building units, researching, and base managing while not even looking at my base: I'll hit
Zerg: 5stttttzzzz 4v *hold shift* *click on tiny squares on minimap* 6 *tab tab tab* b *tab* a
Terran: 4sssse 5aaaaddd *tab* ss *tab* ddvvr 6s *tab* y
Protoss: ws *spam click to warp units* wt *same thing* 4eeeec 5cc 6t *tab* s
all in a matter of less than 5 or so seconds. Try doing that with move.

Microing would be really hard. Especially a kind called *kiting*, where you right click somewhere, hit h, then right click again, repeat, to take advantage of a range difference. Oh, all this while managing a base like said above.

I think you see where this is going by now. Starcraft 2 was made to be an extremely fast paced game for keyboard and mouse.

Xfanboy3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

. watch in 720p

no PS3.wii or 360 Everything else console can have :)

SexyPrawns3287d ago


The PS3 or 360 could handle that, easily.

mastiffchild3287d ago

Why would it have to be dumbed down at all? Technically there's nothing near tough enough to make the PS3 struggle and you can have keyboard and mouse controls on the PS3 too so jusy why would it HAVE to mean dumbing down just to have it on the PS3? No, if they dumbed it down it would be the devs own choice and NOT a necessity.

If they chose to make it controller friendly then, sure, it risks a big dumbing down but, as I said, PS3 supports keyboard and mouse(and why not keyboard and Move maybe? Just a thought, IDK if it would or could work but I'm sure it could be used in a clever way to aid console use)so there's absolutely ZERO need for it to be dumbed down whatsoever-unless the developer thinks that's best for them and the platform. Anyway, there HAS to be a halfway house somewhere, doesn't there? Having said that RTS bore me stupid and always have(just don't see the attraction-same with MMOs of every damn kind right now-maybe one day I'll find one I quite like)so what do I care? Seriously?

I don't think I'm alone either and reckon 90% of people who like RTS AND own a console will also own a decent PC and already prefer playing their RTS games on their rig in any case. Is there ANYTHING LIKE a big enough market on consoles for a big RTS? Halo Wars sold well but I think much of that was Halo name curiosity(and even a few who DID purely just buy because it said Halo on the boxes) with people eager to see if they :a, Liked an RTS after being Halo fans or, b, liked Halo's universe and wanted to see if RTS would work as well as FPS there. Point being I doubt many were ready to start playing all, or most, of their RTS games on console even IF they were staying with that genre. So, is RTS worth chasing on consoles anyhow?

I can see Civ working well anywhere witrh simple mods but we already knew that and it's an odd game for an RTS anyway. Outside of that how many really work? Ruse maybe? Endwar? Nope. Halo Wars? Kinda. I think it's nearly a dead horse.

NnT32913286d ago

I'm sorry but It doesn't look like something that ps3 or 360 couldn't handle.

Persistantthug3286d ago

Why would Guild Wars 2 have to be dumbed down in order for it to play on consoles?

As much of a fan as I am of Guild Wars 1 and am looking forward to the sequel,
Guild Wars 2 isn't some technical marvel.

PS3 could do GW2 fine.
Not only can a controller be easily made for the game (there's only like 9-12 spell tabs at all times), But Keyboard and Mouse can be optionally used for the PS3 as well.

So what do you mean, Xfanboy?

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LaurenKB1233287d ago

Alien Swarm is one of my all time favorite games, great list!

OpenGL3287d ago

It would be fantastic with 4 player support on the PS3 / 360. It's also probably the best looking Source game right now thanks to the engine updates.

darkcharizard3287d ago

Civilization V, StarCraft II and Napoleon Total War are awesome games,

giggity-giggity, giggity goo!

Tony P3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

The Witcher 2 is planned for consoles at least.

Pandamobile3287d ago

Not until they find a publisher for it, which they still haven't.

Tony P3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Haha. That's why I said "planned".

Doesn't seem to matter much. As I said elsewhere, the console world is sleeping on this game. Which is sad.

il-mouzer3287d ago

"planned" usually means when something is actually in the works and not just a concept.

Tony P3287d ago

You're really trying to tell me I dunno what the word means?

That's pretty dickish, man.

Talk to me again when you want to discuss games.

il-mouzer3286d ago

well the console game isn't in production :P so it's not planned, just a concept

I've got nothing against the console version mind you, infact I was going to get the first one because CD Projekt kept on saying how awesome the combat system was :)

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TheGameFoxJTV3287d ago

They would find a way to ruin the game for consoles. Make it an action game or something. lol

Raoh3287d ago

alien swarm is awesome

no counter strike?

kissmeimgreek3287d ago

counter strike was on xbox

Jack-Pyro3287d ago

That wasn't Counter Strike, that was a shadow shaped like Counter Strike.

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