What Microsoft Did Right With Kinect

"Let’s face it; there has been more bad press for the Kinect than there has been good press. I’m personally one person that just doesn’t find the Kinect as appealing as Project Natal was supposed to be. When they first announced this controller free, motion tracking device my first thought was “cool, I want that.” However once they had more details on Kinect at this year’s E3 my thoughts changed very quickly to “those games look dumb, why would anyone want that?” Well I can assure this article will be free from any Kinect hate, except for perhaps in the comments section below."

Cody @ VideoGameBlogger

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Hades13373288d ago

These points just reinforce the idea that Kinect is aimed at casual gamers and not us. "Ease of use" "Easy to set up", these are all buzz words for the casual audience.

TotalPS3Fanboy3288d ago

It's frustrating to use because half the time, Kinect couldn't even recoqnize your gestures.

And easy to set up? I don't think moving your furnitures around everytime you want to play Kinect can be consider easy to set up. You know what's easy to set up? Pop in a game and play with the regular controller... so easy, even a caveman can do it.

Wizziokid3288d ago

marketing sold Kinect, not the hardware.

GWAVE3288d ago

Even though you're gonna get disagrees, your statement is proven by the fact that Kinect defenders talk about nothing except "potential" sales and "potential" functions.

a.k.a they simply believed M$'S marketing.

codyodiodi3288d ago

To be honest I haven't seen as many advertisements for Kinect as I have seen for Move.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3288d ago

If marketing is selling Kinect then what is the problem with Move in NA? Lots of ads for Move here yet it's failing, failing so bad Sony won't even mention how bad it is.

Kinect is targeted for the casuals because there are a lot of people who hate controllers. Move is just a Wii mote and most people already own a Wii. Kinect offers somthing different, the ability to use your hands, body and voice only.

When you walk into the room Kinect recognizes you, there is no need to search for a controller, turn it on, and hope the battery is charged. You aslo only need to buy one thing. Not like Move where you need 5 controlers and an eyetoy just to get what Kincet offers right out of the box.

Also there is no need to replace a broken controller because there is no controller. Also Kinect offers instant co-op without having to buy extra controller like Move.

The Idea of using just your hands, body or voice is sexy and hip. Not to mention future aps with 3D TVs will allow you to manipulate 3D objects with your hands. Move has already been done with the Wii, and done better.

I know you PS3 boys love to hate anything Kinect but it's ok it just shows your fear. So keep coming back and keep making Kinect hotter, MS will love you for it.

btk3288d ago

They are doing the marketing right. The tech is totally wrong. Or at least the specs for this type of tech is wrong.

When you look at it - what do you need in a camera based tech to match Move or Wiimote. The resolution of the camera must be crazy - most likely 1920 x 1080 at the least with 120 fps to get the effect that the gyroscopes and accelerometers offer. And then processing will have to be on the camera device to get to the lagless input of a controller. But a 640 x 480 @ 30fps with the processing happening on the console side? The whole tech side is wrong. It is more than a PS Eye, but way off from even a Wiimote in terms of the experience the gamer gets. And we have not even started on the buttons yet.

So - except for hyping the product - not much is right with Kinect.

codyodiodi3288d ago

...The prediction that there would be hate in the comments section was 100% accurate.

niceguywii603288d ago

I don't even see any point in the hate at this point. No one cares what the PS3 fanboys have been saying, bashing Kinect will not save PS3 from Kinects market share earning capabilities.

Philoctetes3288d ago

What Kinect game are you most looking forward to playing?

codyodiodi3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )


ActionBastard3288d ago

So don't worry about the hate and sell your soapbox.

Apocalypse Shadow3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

ADVANTAGE:it is easy to use as there aren't a complex number of buttons.
DISADVANTAGE:no complex set of buttons means no complex set of moves for hardcore gamers.

ADVANTAGE:you don't need a headset as there is a microphone built into the unit.
DISADVANTAGE:others could theoretically effect your game.

also,we can clearly see that with a headset and the Vision Cam,microsoft could have done most of what kinect is trying to just wants you to abandon vision cam(like always),and buy a new product for more than it should be.

ADVANTAGE:the camera does adjust so that setup is easy.
DISADVANTAGE:you need LOTS of room.especially if you want two players playing side by side.

ADVANTAGE:it does make it seem that "no hands ma!" is the future.
DISADVANTAGE:takes a lot of horsepower to do it.and microsoft took out a chip that would have helped greatly.

we'll see how all this plays out.and sure,ps3 gamers could EASILY come up with ways that kinect could be fun and add to gaming like this:

space combat
mini games and sports

looky here...another motion controller player.seems so familiar...

sure us ps3 fans could defend it.but it's your job 360 fans to DEFEND what it should do.instead of CRYING about ps3 fans or fanboys entering the article.bunch of BABIES.

and i didn't even mention a thing about pseye doing almost the same things kinect is doing without using move at all......WHOOPS....

Bigpappy3288d ago

Kinect is already sold out and hasn't release yet. Good luck stopping it.

codyodiodi3288d ago

Sold out completely? Last I checked it was only sold out at some retailers. Still an impressive feat.

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