Call of Duty: Black Ops sniper video

Video roundup of videos being removed by Activision on YouTube.

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PhilipLarkin3287d ago

Looks far too fast-paced. One In A Chamber looks more my style.

plb3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I kind of agree. I always found the sniper to be the most unrealistic bit about COD. No way anyone is sniping like that in real life. Anyone who has shot a rifle or been in the military knows what I'm talking about.

DirtyLary3287d ago

Was this guy playing bots?

DarkFantasy3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

well its not real life its a i see what your saying but call of duty isn't a war simulator like ARMA or some thing.
"Cant take the heat?..Then Stay Out Of The Rocket Propulsion Test Chamber!!!"

morganfell3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

But it isn't a case of realism, it's a matter of game balance. If one player can use a class (sniper) to force the entire team opposing team to change their tactics or allocate a lot of people to continually taking that player out then the game is out of balance.

When a sniper can dominate an entire map for the entire game then there is an issue. It isn't about realism but rather a matter of game balance and play mechanics.

Look at MoH. The fact that EA has put up an official page to tell people how to deal with snipers is evidence that there is an issue with them in MoH as well. I expect some balance changes in the short term future.

morganfell3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

And we'll get the last word on this since EA now admit's the sniping is out of balance. Here, Patrick Liu has just officially stated that the days of unskilled sniping are over. Prepare to be nerfed:!/potta...

"New tweaks for bullet deviation and nerfing snipers are definitely in the works."

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-Ikon-3287d ago

It's not just the sniper guns that are all messed up. Game has ZERO recoil, you can hip fire and still be extremely accurate.

JuLiAn18D73287d ago

uhh obviously. It's call of duty if you havent noticed. Without this pace it wouldnt be cod.

zeddy3287d ago

i too used to hate quick scopers and in the end it was the only thing bringing me back. dont knock it until you try it, its atually quite fun once you get the hang of it.

Triggs3287d ago

Treyarch said quickscoping for sniper class has been removed in Black Ops.

vickers5003287d ago

Quickscoping hasn't been removed, sleight of hand pro has been removed. You can still quickscope, it just takes a lot more skill now. Go look up some CoD4 quickscope montages on youtube. It definitely still can be done, just not as easy as MW2 made it.

Paralex3287d ago

Most people fail to realize that CoD is an arcade-styled shooter. Nothing about it should be realistic.

TheGameFoxJTV3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

It wasn't always like this. CoD4 made it like this. CoD1 and 2 were usually 1 hit kills on the guns. And didn't have a sprint button or stupid knife.

horrorcaust3287d ago

Exactly... On every article at any site there's always someone saying about how unrealistic is some element of the game...

visualb3287d ago

the 2nd video IS sped up...

then again...meh

it looks like MW2:

Unreal Tournament 3 with realistic gravity and modern war skins...

not that I disliked Unreal Tournament, but at least that made sense...this...=|

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Chnswdchldrn3287d ago

where he sits in one spot for half the video

really thats intense

SoSLy3287d ago

the game is looking great. Im sorta hyped about it lol

P1NKY3286d ago

No offence, but the game looks crap. I used to love COD until every new COD was basically the same as the one before. It felt as though I was spending £45 just to play on some new maps.

Im going to give Black Ops a miss. Im liking MOH at the moment. Love sniping but I have to admit they are over powered and too easy to use.

kingboy3287d ago

wow no skill needed,auto aim ftw! lol

user8586213287d ago

Like how you control the gun on the helicopter, the rc looks f*ckin pointless, overall same sh*t all over again

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