Possible Major Graphical Issue Spotted in Black Ops

New Call of Duty: Black Ops story sequence footage shows some bad graphical issues.

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dude_meister3696d ago

Wow that's a pretty large area of clipping actually, lol can't believe they couldn't be bothered sorting that out before putting it on the internet, haha.

Fishy Fingers3696d ago

Yeah that would totally spoil the whole game for me...

Rhythmattic3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

It wont spoil the game for me, as I am not giving Mr K my cash.

I'm over what I would call Activision's annual subscription fee... just more re-hashed MP content... which in reality could have been done with DLC for MW1.

Will rent/borrow and play the SP.

I'll get my full FPS fix with MOH and K3 SP/MP......

Xander7563695d ago

Actually it kinda would. Imagine what else is probably wrong...

bostoner3695d ago

Video games aren't like CG movies yet. I mean they are using the same tech as avatar but.... game devs don't really care when things don't collide right. But it is a promo part and one of the first things fans get to see so you'd think they'd at least fix it there.

-Alpha3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Oh, please. Clipping is one of the most common and biggest issues with tons of games. I've seen it in nearly every game I've played. There is nothing major about this at all.

I suppose this means every game that is found to have clipping should be outed the same way too?

I know people hate CoD, but there is no need to pointlessly bash it. Replace CoD with any other loved game and the majority would be all up in arms about this too. Let's show some objectivity towards news here, instead of approving things based on how we feel towards the game.

erathaol3696d ago

To add clipping is just a visual problem that may take people out of the story telling experience, usually people don't look out for it but enthusiast find them like the hair sticking out. An example of clipping in movies is when shots don't line up correctly with the movie, like a guy in the background holding a knife in his right hand but a close up shows him having it in his left hand.

Thankfully its not as bad as freezing or glitches that prevent the game from continuing because an invulnerable escort NPC got stuck in a tank.

thrasherv33696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )


Very well said. I'm not saying it's "OK" for them to have clipping but if this takes away from the story there is something pushing your agenda.

Death24943695d ago

the fact that this game is going to sell millions, just like the previous installments. I agree with you, this isn't that big of a deal. This is being scrutinized because it is so big. Minor bug that will be fixed before release, so this will become irrelevant. All of you guys will be playing this game while I'm waiting for GT5

dragonelite3695d ago

Havent even met a game that didn't had clipping into it and who knows how old that footage is btw?

The bigger problem was the gt5 road texture streaming problem.
Was expecting the same case hell did you guys not even seen the crysis 2 consoles version with teleporting plants and filecabes.

irepbtown3695d ago

The media will bash about this, and it will become a big issue.

Take the name Taliban in Medal of Honor. The media made look bad, when it wasn't. Same thing will happen here, gamesites will make it a big thing when its just a small error and i think they've probably, or will fix this.

To the GT5 comment, i will be playing this, but when GT5 enters my house, i know i wont be playing Black ops for some time.

HSx93695d ago

but if killzone had clipping, that would be -6 points deducted in a review.

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PRHB HYBRiiD3696d ago

omg i will not play the game until treyarch fix this ...i refuse to pay for a 80 dollar game that has a "major" graphical issue >:(.............i just a f**king lil glitch every game has it even gt5 im sure they will fix it...or not

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ReservoirDog3163696d ago

What exactly am I looking at here?

zeddy3696d ago

didnt even notice till they pointed it out, who cares this is minor.

syanara3696d ago



Ive seen far worse in crysis at max settings.

this shouldn't be note worthy let alone enws worthy, Im not even a fan of call of duty I thought MW2 had some of the worst graphics of that year yet a characters coat clipping into the seat? really? Let me just say that I'm not going to stay away from this game cause of one clipping error.

greenisgood3696d ago

ive seen much more worste in big games like
god of war 3, killzone 2, uncharted 2 and heavy rain.

no big deal

skip2mylou3695d ago

trolllllololololol neeeddss to trolllololol harder

N4Great3695d ago

It's probably a joke, he has choosen 4 games without clipping, aliasing, and with the best graphics this gen.

clipping is way more common on my xbox than my ps3.

westy5523695d ago

Greenringoflife got himself another account I see.

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InTheKnow3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

It's called collision detection and if you want to see some of the worst collision detection in the history of gaming load up Uncharted 2. EVERY game has it, some worst than others...Indiana Drake in the snow fighting the demon yeti is a tech demo on how put collision detection problems in your a look...pretty bad

GT 5 has alot of it as well which I'm sure will we be hearing about when that game FINALLY is released.

Leave it to a PS3 site to try something dumb like this...Sony, if you can't beat 'em...try to discredit them.

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IronFist3696d ago

And this is why COD sucks now imo, Activision has made it into such a big cash cow that they don't even give a crap about the quality of what they rls now.

Respawn Entertainment FTW!

T9X693696d ago

Yea this game is SOOOO bad because when the character sits in the seat part of his back goes through it. Man I couldn't imagine how much better this game would be if his back didn't go through the seat, it would have been INSANE!.

IW/Respawn sucks

Treyarch > IW/Respawn

deadreckoning6663696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

@T9X69- LOL...Bubbles.

No Way3696d ago

I agree with what you said.. but you know, it's funny.
When WaW came out, it was all about how IW > Treyarch.

MrCrimson3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Well you're an idiot. Treyarch only lives on the bread crumbs left behind IW. Not sure how Treyarch can be superior when all their games are based on IWs engine.

skip2mylou3695d ago

OOOOOO now i see what the problem was didnt even notice it in the pictures

T9X693695d ago

They use their engine, that's it, that doesn't mean they can't be better. Treyarch created Zombies, their maps are better, their online is more balanced, campaigns are better, they handle the community better, and JD isn't a total douche bag like Robert is. I'm sure SledgeHammer games will be using IW engine for their COD game as well, that doesn't mean they can't make something better than them, or even Treyarch. I still stand with Treyarch > IW.

@No Way - Maybe for some people, not me though. I never liked IW and never got into COD4. WaW was my favorite COD :)

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retrofly3696d ago

Those Iron Fists must come in handy when holding onto that bandwagon.

Fishy Fingers3696d ago

Haha! Your kidding me right? "Major Graphical Issue" Get a grip.