Call of Duty: Black Ops - Sniper Gameplay

E4G: Sniper Gameplay in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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GaMe013287d ago

I'm not liking that quick scoping sniper crap hes doing. Either he has a lot of skill or they made it like Mw2

dkblackhawk503287d ago

I hope to god it is just skill.

acky13287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Looks incredibly annoying the way the sniper was shot and killed through a steel pillar which bullets would ricochet off of, not pass straight through.

ddurand13287d ago

looks like he is just good.

quick scoping in MW2 looks different.

they already said that steady aim pro will not be compatible with sniper rifles.

DrillaKid3287d ago

U mean Sleight of Hand Pro.

ddurand13287d ago

yeah my bad.

good call.

Sweeet3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

"Treyarch has removed the option to use the Sleight of Hand perk while having a Sniper Rifle selected as your primary weapon. Personally, I’m pleased with this decision. One of the most disturbing issues I had with Modern Warfare 2, were people using the Sleight of Hand perk while having a Sniper Rifle as their primary gun."

Source: http://www.callofduty-commu...

Odin7773287d ago

@ Sweeet But doesn't sleight of hand just increase your reload time? That should have no effect on one's aiming ability.

ddurand13287d ago

sleight of hand pro allows you to aim down the sights faster.

Odin7773287d ago

@ ddurand Really? Well what am I thinking of then?

Sweeet3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Yes Slight of Hand drastically reduces your reload time, but when you get Slight of Hand Pro it halves the time it takes to aim down your sight. This must mean they are keeping the Pro's for Black Ops if they're not letting us use the perk with Sniper Riffles.

Check out the Source from my post, it has some other very interesting information which is going to help set Black Ops apart from MW2.

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iPad3287d ago

wow. nice camping skills

ELite_Ghost3287d ago

elpresador would rage on em

acky13287d ago

If your a sniper, and have a good spot where you can pick people off and people keep running into your crosshair, why move.

Your doing a good job for the team and your getting lots of kills, that's not camping.

And if you keep getting killed by the same sniper from the same spot, stop going into that spot and instead find a way to kill him. Seemed like a lot of people were running gung-ho out into the open when they know a sniper is there. Not very smart.

ReservoirDog3163287d ago

Camping sucks, that goes without saying. But a sniper has to stay still. There's a difference. A good sniper waits.

But I still move around when I'm a sniper. You can justify it but it just feels like cheap kills when you're in the same spot for longer than 20 seconds.

And I thought treyarch solved the quick scoping!

Obama3287d ago

In Call duty 4 multi I remembered I picked 40+ pp off camping in one spot using a rifle. Good times.

r1sh123286d ago

@Ipad youre a little silly.
Yes its camping but the guy camping is in defence, so whats the point of moving??
Acky1 gets it right

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xAlmostPro3287d ago

its skill ude :) like it took in WaW and cod4 :) mw2s sleight of hand pro on snipers made it far to easy and plagued the game with 13 year old kids who thiught they were pro.. infact most of what mw2 did caused that.. but blackops is looking fantastic tbh

murcielago43287d ago


since when did you need it skills to play COD games. anybody can become a pro in COD that's why people love it so much. and you don't need skills to play like a bitch (that is sniping).

Panthers3287d ago

It didnt take skill in COD4 thats for sure. The only game where I respect snipers for having skill is Socom and Socom 2.

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BannedForNineYears3287d ago

When this game comes out......I'm gonna cry.
I have no time for gaming anymore.

dkblackhawk503287d ago

Welcome to the 5/7 days of the week and on the weekends its relaxing time or paying bills...

Corepred43287d ago

isn't relaxing time= playing video games?

pansenbaer3287d ago

And does 'paying bills' really take 2 days?? I spend zero minutes paying bills as its all automated. Surely you can find time to game...

The_Claw3287d ago

you guys should be less worried about sleight of hand pro, and more worried about the fact hes hitting them in the leg and getting 1HK's.

xAlmostPro3287d ago

well its more 'real' and fair(plus it was upper leg and the guy could have been injured) but still you dont get shot in the leg with a sniper and keep running.. so it makes sense to either make it a kill.. its a powerful weapon

ReservoirDog3163287d ago

Yeah honestly, snipers are waaay underpowered in games. But let's just hope it's not badly exploited.

despair3287d ago

sniper rifles might be underpowered in games but they're also made extremely easy to use compared to real, so its a trade off, no matter what its still a game and sometimes you get shot in the leg and its like nothing.

necksnappa3287d ago

that guy dont miss, like a damn aim bot hack.

Jack-Pyro3287d ago

He misses once or twice, I'll admit he's good, but I've seen better as well.

Esena3287d ago

Looks like skill to me...

Darkspade3287d ago

Half is shots never hit the Target scoop wise.. he must have the "Wanted" Perk and can bend bullets