Bethesda/ZeniMax Working On MMO Fantasy RPG; Most Certainly Elder Scrolls V

SystemLink: "Brink must have felt all self-conscious when it was first revealed. Everyone clapped and cheered, but there were constant mutterings of 'Why not Elder Scrolls V?' Even Hitler got all upset. However; rest assured, ladies and gentlemen - Bethesda are definitely working on it. And it could well be an MMO."

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kidnplay3289d ago

Wow. If this is true... crikey. Very exciting news and hopefully a rumour which will actually come to fruition.

lastdual3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

There have been rumors of Zenimax devloping an MMO for a while, but Todd Howard's team at BGS is not making it, and it's not TESV.

Todd has already laid the fears of TESV being an MMO to rest. This story is just pure speculation, with no more merit than any random forum thread.

visualb3288d ago

But does Elder Scrolls V with online capability seem too impossible?

I'd say it'd be the next step.

perfect the game + add online capabilities, maybe not so much MMO style, but a bit more like Demons' Souls

Tony P3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Online stuff is fine, just don't make it integral to the experience.

Then charge for it monthly.

Anyway, I hope that if this is a TES MMO, it doesn't change/hurt/delay plans for a real TES sequel.

johnnywit3288d ago

I would like to see co-op added. I think the world is just the right size for a four person party. They could have the quest adjust to how many people you have to up the challenge. It would also be cool to have some sort of online auction house where other users could browse loot or things you have made. An arena of some sort would be cool for some type of PVP. It may sound like I want elder scrolls to be an MMO but I don't. I like certain things about MMOs but I hate the worlds and the NPCs. In games like WOW it feels like you are walking through a wax museum and talking to statues. I love how immersed you can feel in an elder scrolls game but I would also enjoy playing along side my friends as well.

-Ikon-3288d ago

If the combat is so basic and sucked like Oblivion count me out

darthawesome903288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I am psyched about Elder Scrolls V but I must say no to a MMO. Unless they say it's free (can't recall any company ever doing that) then hell no. An Elder Scrolls in MMO form would be great if MMO's didn't charge and arm and leg.

@ -lkon- the combat didn't suck, the leveling system did and is easily fixable for Elder Scrolls V.

n to the b3288d ago

"the combat didn't suck, the leveling system did"

I too hope the leveling is improved. doesn't have to be just like fallout3 but please bethesda, fix this.

actually I would say only the non-spell combat didn't suck. spells were pretty lame IMO (except lightning). hate to say it but learn from 2K Boston, bethesda.

MagicAccent3288d ago

Elder Scolls mmo? :(

Please don't, Bethesda. Why ruin a wonderful single player franchise.

Coop, maybe. But no fricken mmo, PLEASE.

Nihilism3288d ago

MMOs are more of a cancer to gaming than DLC or console gaming. Console gaming has lowered the standards ( linear, unoriginal games, with 8hr campaigns and online only MP)

...But MMOs completely remove ownership or modding capabilities and STORY from the games, it's all about running back and forth doing MMO centric quests.

MMO=fail, and I think it would be a spit in the face of all Elder Scrolls fans, but who am I kidding, no game company gives a F about their customers, they care about $$$$$$$$$$$

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extermin8or3288d ago

I hope its not true, I don't want an MMO as ES5 i don't want to pay monthly :(

Akagi3288d ago

Agreed. I don't play MMO's, so this is a kick in the teeth for me if it's true.

DarkFantasy3288d ago

same here i hate mmos Co-op online with a few buddys Sure...but a mmo ? NO thanks.if it is a mmo i will not be getting it.who wants to pay a monthly fee.

Valay3288d ago

Elder Scrolls V? Finally? I hope so.

wlchrbandit3288d ago

I have never played Elder Scrolls, not really a big RPG fan. I traded in Fallout 3 the day after I bought it, it was boring.. Can't be bothered leveling up for 50 hours just to see some action..

RedDead3288d ago

Imo Oblivion is Super addicting. I also found Fallout boring though. Dark Brotherhood ftw

k2d3279d ago

"I traded in Fallout 3 the day after I bought it, it was boring.. Can't be bothered leveling up for 50 hours just to see some action.."

..and the fact that he's posting here at all..

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The story is too old to be commented.