Diversity is Not A Stock Photo

Who’s to say that Gordon Freeman is not a homosexual? What about Link? The Cole Train? Queer. Miles Edgeworth? Gay. Claire Redfield? Lesbian. Lara Croft? Dyke.

Fern was watching Extra Credits today at the Escapist Magazine, where they’ve tackled the issue of diversity. Overall, their approach was pretty hackneyed and anemic. Diversity is good. Gaming stereotypes need to go. You know, this sort of thing.

Extra Credits then proposes two very “elegant” solutions for achieving gender and sexuality diversity: drop the boobs; get some more homo/bisexual characters – a solution not unlike placing a stock photo at your company’s website showing how “diverse” your team is.

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GWAVE3696d ago

In the public's eye, diversity is overrated and does not equate to game sales.

And why have diversity just for the sake of diversity?

Tony P3696d ago

Having read the article I was pretty impressed. I agree pretty much 100%.

tunaks13696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

why does it matter if the character I am playing is gay/straight? Do we really need to know gordon freeman's, link's, smaus', sexual preferences? Games are what they are, games.