Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 – The PS3 Attitude Review

The wait is finally over. After 16 years of begging, Sonic has finally gone back to his 2D roots. This might not be the Sonic game that you were hoping for, but it’s easily one of Sonic’s greatest adventures yet. Assuming that you actually give the blue hedgehog a chance.

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Fullmetalevolust3288d ago

I had a good run with it, sad that it's only one level. hehe
Not too fond of the spastic look when he's falling out, it makes him vulnerable (intentional??) unless you use the homing attack. It did make me reminisce about the genesis days for a minute.

acedoh3288d ago

but a sure buy for me turned into a no go. The demo was so clunky that I couldn't see myself spending that much for a game.

Fullmetalevolust3288d ago

I'll probably get it when it becomes a good bargain, or a sale bundle. I can't justify buying this when there are too many good titles coming out this fall, enslaved (already got it), castlevania: LOS, vanquish, Star wars FU2 (great demo btw)...

AwesomeJizz3288d ago

I'm getting sick of people.
They want old Sonic back and then when they get it, they complain about it because it feels old..

TheDeadMetalhead3288d ago

Go play one of the Genesis Sonic games.
Then go play Sonic 4.

There are A LOT of things that they somehow managed to screw up, especially the momentum.

No FanS Land3288d ago

I say they should have made the game in hi-def sprites, just like Street fighter turbo 2 hd remix.

I think IMO the genesis animation has the edge over. I'm not too fond of 60 fps.

NeoMagus3288d ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one that felt the momentum was different in this one compared to the older ones, feels like it takes longer to get Sonic up to speed ..demo was alright but I'm gonna wait til they drop the price in a deal to buy

princejb1343288d ago

i never wanted sonic to go back to its roots
yes sonic 1 to 3 was good for its time since 2d was the only thing available back than
but i always said sonic 4 was gonna fail and look at it now

Redempteur3288d ago

we complain because it feel ODD


he is too slow at time and too vunerable at times too

overall the feeling is not the same .. there are certainly good things in sonic 4 but there a lot of legitimate complains

it's not long , quite easy even if there is some replay value here and there

metsgaming3288d ago

This was their best shot at getting sonic back to where its supposed to be and they still failed imo. Now they really have to let this franchise die.

seanoc3288d ago

The days when a new Sonic game would be a big deal are long gone. Yet, with Sonic 4, SEGA have shown that they can still produce great Sonic moments, so I see no reason why they can't continue to revive the series on the PSN and XboxLive platforms.

There is less pressure to add gimmicks or to attach a nonsensical story the games, when its designed for PSN or XboxLive. These misguided attempts to have the Sonic games compete with Mario have really ruined the series' reputation.

Yet, with Sonic 4, SEGA have gone back to basics and we're seeing signs that they are remembering what made Sonic so good for the 'hardcore' gamer. If they focus on (bi)yearly releases - with them working soley on the level design and refining the gameplay - the series could easily become a hugely respected title once again.

It'll never sell by the millions, but it wouldn't have to because they're no longer big budget games. SEGA would get a lot of kudos within the gaming community if they could continue its revival.

WLPowell3288d ago

Kept thinking "why would they do THAT!" Sega should just kill him... It seems it wants the player to just hold forward and the game seems confused whenever button inputs are pressed. It seems less polished than sonic 1.

n to the b3288d ago

I did not enjoy the demo. I'd rather have an xbla port of that sonic rpg they released on the DS, that looked cool and the critics approved... :(

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