Are Sony Prepping A Star Wars Surprise?

Connected Consoles write: Excited much? We most certainly are. If this image found on the Official PlayStation Community forums is the real deal then this could well be the news PlayStation 3 owning Star Wars fans were aching for, Move support in a Star Wars title.

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kharma453751d ago

I'd love to see it happen, my heart says it will but my head will remain dubious on this.

mjolliffe3751d ago

Looks like a bloody good controller, and if legit, hopefully won't be too big for the room you're playing in.

sdtarm3751d ago


Hideo_Kojima3751d ago

The Move software could easily be edited so that it looks for the shape of the light saber instead of the glowing ball.

Than you could have a light saber game where you control it with 1 to 1 movements and you could also use the force by holding down the analogue button which changes the color of the sword.

toaster3751d ago

Why would using the Force change the color of the Lightsaber??

RankFTW3751d ago

OMG can't wait for this, been a Star Wars fan as long as I can remember.

A Cupcake for Gabe3751d ago

The lightsaber is made of two crystals I believe. One is for it's power, the other for it's color.

A star wars game would be really cool. Please be Jedi Knight IV. I miss Kyle Katarn, plus that series mixed FPS/TPS elements in a near perfected way.

HolyOrangeCows3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

You WILL create a star wars game for the playstation Move. You will NOT make it in the crappy cartoon network star wars universe. You will NOT make it as lame as the cartoon network star wars games on the Wii. The premise of the game will NOT be a string of one-on-one battles, it WILL be an adventure game. And most of all, YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT ON-RAILS!!!

You fan,

inveni03751d ago

I doubt this is real, but if it is, it's not for TFU2. In TFU2, you have two sabers. This would probably be for a Move only title (maybe something like the Kinect title--though I hope not the same thing).

Hideo_Kojima3751d ago

I thought it would make sense to change its color to give you more feedback that the Move is no longer controlling the red light saber in the game.

jerethdagryphon3751d ago

i dont think its about a lightsaber

it looks like a move enabled version of force unleashed

bostoner3751d ago

This is awesome if its legit. Its not the force unleashed that's a 2010 title. It just makes sense to make a move light-saber game. The first time I saw the move I thought oooooo they could make a sick light-saber game. It would be so nice to slice through droids left and right and rparry lasers with your weapon. The only problem I see is in battling another enemy with a light-saber. When you clash them together they stop and that's the only thing they couldn't simulate. The key in making a versus light-saber game is they way they work around the clashing of light sabers.

kneon3751d ago


While it could be done, it's not as easy as you might think. The move uses a sphere because a sphere is a sphere no matter which direction you look at it. Also even with just a piece of the sphere visible it's relatively simple to work out the apparent diameter and therefore it's distance from the camera.

Using a cylinder rather than a sphere adds quite a bit of complexity. If the game only needs 2D positional data then it's no big deal, but if you want to work out the distance from the camera as well then that gets more complicated. You would have to first use the orientation of the move to help work out how the cylinder should appear and then using that info you can work out the distance. certainly it's doable but it is more work.

But the really big problem is how many TVs are going to get busted when you're waving a 3 foot plastic cylinder around :)

Jaces3751d ago

That could be pretty fun, I'm thinking Sorcery like except your battling storm troopers with a lightsaber.

Better than on rails Harry Potter.

Ravage273751d ago

you should wave your hand while saying that...its how Jedi mindtricks work :p

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Christopher3751d ago

Doubt the controller posted will happen, but it would be idiotic for LucasArts to pass up making a lightsaber game with the Move controller.

Theoneneo813751d ago

Shouldnt the title be Is sony?

PS3Freak3751d ago

You are correct sir.

Sony is a corporation, and since it is referred to as one single entity, it should be is not are.

visualb3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

IS, not ARE, for a single entity

IS microsoft, IS sony, IS apple, IS *insert NAME*
not ARE

on topic:

but isn't SW:FU2 released this year? what starwars game is released next year? Knight of the Old republic MMo?! =O

...i really hope its not some shovel ware lightsaber game -_-

Mmmkay3751d ago

i guess you guys never understood the difference between British English and American English....

Christopher3751d ago

I question why the text Galaxy and You are highlighted in blue. I get the unleashed reference, but I think the fact that those are highlighted seems a bit more important overall to the reveal.

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vhero3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Move would be the perfect output for a game of this kind. Surprised it's not already been done. The one on kinect looked a bit empty without anything in your hand..

BTW the pic is on the official sony Flickr page

joemayo763751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

if true it may end up being something more in line with a spin off of the star wars unleashed series (thats move compatible), or it could end up just being a patch to the force unleashed 2 after all it does say:

"unleashed in 20011..."

emphasis on "unleashed" and SW the force unleashed ships real soon. . .
either way who wouldn't want some lightsabre 1:1 goodness :D

animelover104873751d ago

I don't think i'm going to live that long :(

joemayo763751d ago

LOL man, god dammit

+bubbles i dunno how i missed that :D

Kevin ButIer3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )


Move: Im your FATHER

Kinect: Nooooooooooooooo!!!

No Way3751d ago

I don't think your reference works right, for the situation.. o.O
Seeing as how Luke (Kinect) defeats Vadar (Move).

Jus saying.. lol.

Qui-Gon Jim3751d ago

The person who posted the image on the forum doesn't put a link to where he or she found it. It's just posted with the question "anyone know about this?". That implies that the poster created the image himself. I'm not saying that it IS fake, because it does look really well done, but it is a red flag that says "don't take this at face value yet."

You CAN be sure, though, that Sony is in talks with Lucasarts to create a Star Wars Move game. They are not stupid, they know how much people want it, and they know how big a feather in their cap it would be to have a Star Wars game for Move.

I don't necessarily believe this report, but i have no doubts we will see something eventually.

kharma453751d ago

If you read on down the thread he posts a Flickr link and says it came from a Sony Flickr page.

JetLyfe4203751d ago

I've been waiting on a proper motion control star wars game since wii came out...

pixelsword3751d ago

Bah, to make it complete (but it would kinda suck if not done right) you would have to hold the saber in one/both hands and attach the sixaxis to your wrist and hold a button on the move controller to do force actions while fighting. if you have that small controller you can use that to move, but I don't see that happening even if it was worked out.

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Eiffel3751d ago

Rather play that with a keyboard and mouse, thank you very much.

Motion control would just kill it.

ExcelKnight3751d ago

Considering how the PS3 can do keyboard & mouse, I don't see how this would be a bad thing: DS3, Move, KB&M... Make all three available and you cater to pretty much everyone.

Downtown boogey3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I was going to say something more elaborate, but I'll just go with


A Cupcake for Gabe3751d ago

Battlefield III
Jedi Knight IV
Republic Commando 2

vhero3751d ago

Or how about a new game for Move? Rather than forcing move into an existing star wars game?? Leave them be as they probably wouldn't work right with Move.

theEx1Le3751d ago

hopefully not some crappy clone wars game....ewww

Qui-Gon Jim3751d ago

A brand new game built specifically for Move would be ideal, but Sony would love to get something out for Move before the Kinect Star Wars game comes out, so a Move patch for SW:TFU2 sounds very likely.

problemchild843751d ago

I was thinking the same thing: Battlefront III!! Or maybe just a patch for The Force Unleashed II, either one would be sweet.

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kharma453751d ago

Probably, but think how well a lightsaber designed one would sell! Sony would make a killing off it!

mjolliffe3751d ago

But it's the closest any of us are going to get to being Luke Skywalker, so I'm all for it!

Downtown boogey3751d ago

It's just indicating the Move support rather than a controller redesign, obviously.

sayonara893751d ago

Move patch for TFU2 in 2011 or new SW game for Move or... fake.

sarshelyam3751d ago

It looks TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. While I'd love to see a Star Wars game, and it seems only natural, the image is rather misleading and too much of a fan-service to be true. I don't think Sony would make you buy an all new Lightsaber hilt just to play the game...Lucas might, but Sony isn't licensing the tech, unless it's some sort of partnership.

That said, I COULD see a Lightsaber hilt attachment that the Move controller slides into to simulate the Star Wars feel..., I'd love a 1st Person perspective Jedi training and duel game. If they took all of the basic aspects of the Jedi Knight multiplayer sessions and added a great Padawan Training simulator, where you had to learn to hone your Force powers and Lightsaber mastery.


tmoss7263751d ago

I don't think the lightsaber controller is the point of it. I don't even think they make that cause it's to freaking huge. They're basically telling you that you will use the Move controller to control the lightsaber, not that they're making a lightsaber controller.