Revisiting Alpha Protocol

The new Thorton is perfectly adapted to his environment, with enough stealth upgrades in place to confer temporary invisibility but without the wastage that comes from specialising in anything absolutely (except Martial Arts, which is the single most powerful skill in the game). He’s a Mike of all trades.

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Quagmire3284d ago

Did they end up releasing a patch for this in the end?

mobijoker3284d ago

Its published by sega who are not famous for releasing patches.IMO AP got the best script this year.But poor gameplay,low budget graphics and bugs has let it down.

Truth3284d ago

I trade this one in... like mobijoker said, great branching story, but crap graphics, gameplay and bugs made me slowly hate it.

Grown Folks Talk3284d ago

I actually finished it, but couldn't bring myself to play through again in a different style. With the delay, one would expect a much better finished product.