10 Things You Must Try In Dead Rising 2

OXM could list all of the secrets here but then they'd quite rightfully have "SPOILERS!" shouted at them and it's much more fun to find them out for yourself.

Even so... there is some cool stuff and some helpful stuff they can't help blabbing about. So here they are, 10 things you must try! Unless you've already tried them. In which case, try them again.

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nilamo3293d ago

Still need to finish the first, which is gaming hell for perfectionist gamers who want to do everything in their first playthrough.

marioPSUC3293d ago

Its possible, though the only way would be to have all your stats up completely, and knowing exactly where to be and what missions to do first

SexyPrawns3293d ago

This is possibly the worst list ever assembled.


marioPSUC3293d ago

yeah its pretty much all the obvious things you will do while playing

Ginn3293d ago

I thought it the title meant 10 fun things to do, not 10 blindingly obvious things.

GusBricker3293d ago


steviebhoy3293d ago

Agreed, i have learnt nothing here, if you play the game for a couple of hours then you will know all this already, pointless

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