Wii 2: Five things we want to see

CVG: Hats off to Nintendo, the Wii has done well, Wii-lly well.

It started off with the novelty of motion control and the beckoning of every family member from Grandparents to Paul the Gerbil (filling that ever integral spectator role), but those occupying Camp Core have come away with bits and pieces to treasure as well.

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awiseman3285d ago

srsly we have red, blue, black....but they are all the same hardware

Samus HD3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

but i think non of these things will have (except with a low chance of - HD or 3d)

RankFTW3285d ago

"Hats off to Nintendo, the Wii has done well, Wii-lly well."

Quote of the day.

LightofDarkness3285d ago

It needs to be HD capable and have bigger titties. Mostly the titties.

despair3285d ago

usually first party titles are good but the 3rd party ones suck most of the time.

ProjectVulcan3285d ago

If nintendo launch next year, it would be a walk in the park to create a machine more powerful than 360 or PS3. Of course it would again fall behind in the visual stakes against another generation from those manufacturers. However Nintendo could steal a few third pary titles from this generation and boast the best console version with even a low end GPU from current technology.

This would mean that nintendo could have the most powerful machine on the market as well as coming off the back of a huge casual following. It would turn heads.

SyphonFilter3285d ago

it doesn't make sense for Nintendo to launch next year or even first for next gen. They are leading so far that they can rest for this gen.

ProjectVulcan3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

I wouldnt claim to know what makes sense for nintendo with launch schedules, who would have done so when wii was announced......?

They go their own path. I was merely speculating on the potential performance of any machine they might deliver next, HD capable hardware is now cheap and widely available. If nintendo percieve the demand is sufficient, im sure they will incorporate HD abilities.

The slowest and cheapest new discrete graphics processors you can even buy for desktop computers are getting on for being as fast as PS3 and 360. Indeed the new AMD Radeon 6350 will be the lowest end part in the upcoming Radeon HD 6 line. It has pixel and texture fillrate performance comparable to Xbox 360's GPU!

rumplstilts3285d ago

except it doesn't cost 400 dollars for the console and a motion controller.

plb3285d ago

that $400 also gets you a 320gb HD

offdawall3285d ago

Yup props to nintendo this gen...due to the disaster last gen known as the GAME CuBE..nintendo went back to the drawing board took a huge risk with the wii an it paid off big :) but as far as wii 2 all I can ask for is a brand new processor which can produce visuals up to par with the competition ... And for god sakes BRAND NEW IP's PLEASE .... Its time for mario and the gang to die !!!!!!!!

K923285d ago

I agree with the new IP thing, but I dont think Mario and the gang should die.

bananlol3285d ago

The gamecube...a disaster? It had some of the greatest games I have ever played. i would love to see the "new" nintendo top wind waker or metroid prime, but sadly thats just setting oneself up for disappointment. (but deep down I hope Im wrong)

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The story is too old to be commented.