Activision brings down Youtube video of leaked Black Ops disc

Activision has managed to bring down a Youtube Video which claimed to have a real copy of Black Ops. People now trying to see the vid are hit with a copyright infringement message.

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xAlmostPro3290d ago

i managed to see the video.. it showed one guy(possibly from the youtube commentary and montage making scene) getting his snipe on :)

and it looks so nicely balanced and smooth, the hit detection looked spot on also.. he even manged to pull of a triple killfeed :]

This could actually be cod4 again(with better connections :P) im super hyped

raztad3289d ago


That link is a CoD4 video.

SixZeroFour3289d ago

@ raztad

tah-may-toe tah-mah-toe

dalibor3290d ago

I wonder how Black Ops will be compared to MW2 and COD4? I hope it will be better than MW2, it sounds like it will but still to early to tell.

GoldenGamer3290d ago

I really don't want to buy it, but i can see that i will end up buying it because no one else will stop playing it for another f***ing year

T9X693290d ago

People will buy it next year, and the year after that, so basically you're going to be buying every COD every year. Why not play what you like instead of what other people like?

GoldenGamer3289d ago

Well all my friends will be getting it, and i dont want to alienate myself from them because i refuse to give in to the cod hype

T9X693289d ago

Well you could always make new friends on the games you like to play. If you buy it, you're not really refusing to give into the COD hype lol.

evrfighter3289d ago

"Well you could always make new friends on the games you like to play"



Shackdaddy8363289d ago

I personally hate making friends online. It feels fake and is kinda creepy...

TheGameFoxJTV3289d ago

I don't make friends online, I make gaming buddies. Outside of the game I couldn't give a shit about you. Real friends you can do whatever with. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.