New Ninety Nine Nights Screenshots

Even more screenshots have been released for the hack and slash title Ninety Nine Nights. The game will be hit stores on the 25th of August and will blow your mind with countless enemies and stunning graphics.

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Asylumchild5388d ago

This was the worst demo iv ever played

ACE5387d ago

it was good , i will grab this when it hits the shelfs . the next batch i'm getting are ,,,, ENCHANT ARM ,,,, TEST DRIVE THE DUEL ,,,, SAINTS ROW ,,,,, DEAD RISING ,,,,, NN3 ,,,,,,,, THIS IS JUST THE NEXT 3-4 WEEKS .... TO MANY GOOD GAME NOT ENOUGH TIME DAM!!!!

T-Rac5388d ago

I actually enjoyed it

much better than Dynasty and Samurai Warriors

Bill Nye5388d ago

That's really not saying much.