Gran Turismo 5: 10 Minutes of Pure Gameplay Footage Emerged

New Le Mans footage of Gran Turismo 5 emerged. The vid shows 10 minutes of pure gameplay.

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MaximusPrime3285d ago

Urm.... The original YouTube link please...

I can't view this damn German thief's video

Chaostar3285d ago

quick question:

I didn't upload this but how do you embed videos on your submissions? I tried the direct youtube link for embedding and it didn't work, what am I doing wrong?

OT: This game is looking more and more amazing, I broke the news of the delay to my logitech G27 the other day and he has done nothing but sit in the corner sulking since then ;P

TrevorPhillips3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

were u post the link the title and all at the bottom ull see credit just above it ull see embed video open the plus and paste the embed code there and save and exit. But it's too late for that, this story has already been approved.

On Topic - Game is looking greater then ever :D

Chaostar3285d ago

Thanks Agent-X :) It hasn't been a problem for me yet but I can see it cropping up in the future.

OT: These German youtube robbing sites need to just stop, who approves them?

Weather3285d ago

Goty. . .but which year?

MGRogue20173285d ago

*polishes monocle*

I say!

What a magnificent looking game..

DigitalAnalog3285d ago

*strokes beard*

Indeed my good man. Indeed!

-End statement

RowSand3285d ago

i cant take it anymore

Dark-Cloud3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

u can't take what ? XD.... why disagree ? .. lol
if u mean that u get sick of waiting then don't worry , this game will come this year :) ... it's almost finished why would they delay it if they are finished ? .. sony delay the game not PD , PD take all the time they get to make this game the best game in ps3 not only in racing games ...

RowSand3285d ago

i mean i cant take.anymore of gran turismo 5 footage.. i have been watching tons of gt5 video sinse they first annonse lol

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