What Do You Think Of Gran Turismo 5′s UI?

TheSixthAxis: Right from the very first Gran Turismo, Polyphony’s user interface (UI) has always strived to present something a little bit different, with striking graphics on the selection screens and that lounge musak plinking along in the background. Back at the Tokyo Game Show Sony showed off the final version of Gran Turismo 5′s UI and to be honest, I’m of the opinion that it’s not quite as refined as previous games.

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RankFTW3290d ago

I think it's amazing now just release it already.

Dee_913289d ago

. i would like it if the Career mode was a Entire Map of the world were you could choose which garage you want like . London,Dubai etc. and actually drive to places like the car wash oil change tune up etc
and as for car dealerships I wouldve liked to see an actual Car dealership lol like Lexus dealership .and you can browse around for cars and history about them etc .
Il put this in my wishlist for gt6

RetroReborn3289d ago

if you want that , wait for test drive 2, if you want the most realistic racing experiance get gt5. both cravings sorted.

Dee_913289d ago

nice i always been a fan test drive