FFXIV’s free trial period extended by a month due to “current state of the game”

Ever had the distinct displeasure of discovering a fly in your soup? Now imagine if you plunked down your hard-earned cash only to find a whole mess of bugs backstroking around in your alphabets.

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kratos1233292d ago

That's what you get fore making bad games screw you se i want sqauresoft back damnit

goosepoose3292d ago

shut up dude. that rant is so old and sad.

goosepoose3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

to the folks disagreeing with me. do you really enjoy reading the same old comments about square? my word its, the same old thing. fanboys reminiscing over and over about ffviiiiiiii or ffkak or ff-1 (before your time of gaming son, when sqaure listened to our letters and loved us so much. we didnt love them back, cause thats gay). its lame, what done is done.

they not going to change. you can exchange memories all day, cry in groups (cause its sounds like thats what you guys do) and complain all day, but square are doing crap for themselves now. in certain cases it would be good to ignore the fans (like movie sequels-spider man 3, transformers2), but with games, not really. esp since the choices they make, end up really bad. ff13 anyone. but ja disagree and continue groups.

Kingdom Come3292d ago

Was Riddled in Spelling Errors. Are people not entitled to mention old games? You can hardly make a comparison between an unsatisfying film sequel and many terrible games not worthy of money. It's insulting that Square Enix try to sell a game in such a terrible condition, they have milked the Final Fantasy Series dry, but they're still trying to get a last drop...

kratos1233292d ago

I just find it a shame , how can the best developer in the world at that time get Soo bad it just doesn't make sense sqauresoft made ff , kingdom hearts , vagrant story , fft , and lots of other cool games go from that to ff 14 and the thought of never playing a ff game that's crap is really irritating my because all of us want a good ff but se just can't deliver anymore , my last hope is in ff vs 13 I really hope it can put back ff on the map if not then I will just go play lvl 5 games atleast they know what there fanbase wants

Pandemic3292d ago

I feel sorry for the people that purchased the game....

jc485733292d ago

SE might make it free.

ApexHell3292d ago

i would play it if they made it free.

Kingdom Come3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

In other words, it's Crap.
I find myself infuriated that Square Enix have disappointed Final Fantasy fans, yet again. To announce this title before the release of XIII is just appalling and truly shows them for the Milkers they are. With this title, they have yet again fallen behind on promises and therefor crushed the hopes of many (Myself not included, I know better from Square Enix's recent downfall). I feel genuinely sorry for those who purchased the game, they must feel so disappointed and angered.

In order for Square Enix to save any last shred of dignity and redeem themselves, Versus HAS to be nothing short of incredible. At this current moment, Square Enix are the Dissapointers of Current Gen without a doubt...

Cheeseknight283291d ago

It's simple really, they wanted to push this game to shelves before Blizzard got Cataclysm out, ArenaNET got Guild Wars 2 out, and Bioware got Old Republic out.

From what I hear, TOR isn't going to be playable either so it looks like only Blizz and ArenaNET have a good hold on things. Unsurprising, really.

maxcer3291d ago

"To announce this title before the release of XIII is just appalling and truly shows them for the Milkers they are."

FFXIV has been in development for years, maybe even before work started on FFXIII. and as for milkers, FF games have been around for over 20 years. you could say that about hundreds of games like halo, cod, gt, SF, mario, ect. ect.

kasasensei3292d ago

So i guess SE will allow PS+ users to play the game on ps3 for free, like any other beta... :p

Akagi3292d ago

Last Square Enix game I bought was... Just Cause 2, but the last FF I bought was 10.

Azurite3292d ago

Just Cause 2 wasn't developed by Square Enix, just published.

Akagi3292d ago

Still technically a game from Square Enix.

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The story is too old to be commented.