How They're Pushing Kinect In Manhattan

Kotaku: This is Kinect outside of Macy's in New York City's Herald Square. There were no Kinects in the window displays at GameStop a block south. What kind of crowd do we think Microsoft is going for with their no-controller controller?

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seann3290d ago

those girls are hot. not sure why they wearing so much clothes though. i would buy kinetic if those girls told me to. if i was physically there, who knows what crap i would buy.

-Mezzo-3290d ago

You din't saw the video did you, because there aren't any hot girls in it. The image in only used to lure in Perverts, Success.

seann3290d ago

jip i did not watch it. didnt even click on the link. i was referring to another part of the article, the image.

toaster3290d ago

wtf The Xbox in the video is upside down.

blackbeld3290d ago

Damnnn is that KINECT thing really that HUGE?

Army_of_Darkness3290d ago

I was expecting to see a video of that hot chick going all retarded with a kinect game! :(

turned out to be a stupid boring video with a shitty ass camera man....

quiddd3290d ago

they would've kept Project Milo in the works.

Christopher3290d ago

So... Microsoft is really heavily aiming their marketing at females who buy clothing?

RankFTW3290d ago

Oh yeah I'm well going to buy boobs now.

Oh crap I meant Kinect.

TotalPS3Fanboy3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Fashionable girls are already skinny. They know how to be skinny already. They don't need games like Kinect Fitness to be fit.

They definately don't buy games like Kinect Fitness. They're fashionable. That means they only care about clothes and they only buy clothes... fashionable clothes, and not something lame like Kinect.

Shouldn't Kinect be targeting fat girls instead? With Kinect Fitness?

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DigitalAnalog3290d ago

All pervs interested in the picture head over here:

-End statement

Army_of_Darkness3290d ago

dude, you da man! she is so cute and fu#kin sexy as hell all at the same time!!!!

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

"This ain't no flash game. This is a Kinect game."

The difference here is that flash games actually work when you play them. >XD

Exhibit A, your honor.

units3290d ago

free asian girl with every kinect

seann3290d ago

thats living the dreaM

-Mezzo-3290d ago

That would be a Dream come true, for the sure Mathletics. lol

Chaostar3290d ago

Wait... is that first slim 360 red dotting? pause it around 1:03 o_0

OT: I'm from the UK so I'm not 100% sure what the customers of Macy's are stereotypically like but I don't imagine them being gamers right?

Charazani3290d ago

Macy's is mainly a clothing store. Its not super high-class, but tends to be a bit more expensive than your average retail store. Definitely not the gamer's favorite place. But again, it will probably appeal to grandparents, and middle-aged moms.

Anon19743290d ago

That first 360 they show in the window has the Red Dot of Death. Of course, how many casual's walking past Macy's are going to know what that red dot signifies?

jmoneezie3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Hey blind fanboy,

Look again, first off, if the 360 was red dotted the demo on the screen would not have been running. But your desire to see the 360 fail is so bad that it completely blinds you.

Try this, get to the console and then pause the video (1:11), you will then notice that the red you see in the reflective circle around the power light is a reflection of something red in the background, maybe the record light on dudes camcorder.

You will also notice the red is not even centered on the circle it's at the 6 o'clock position.

You were wondering the other day why you have only one bubble, fanboy goggle crap like your last comment says it all.

"Of course, how many casual's walking past Macy's are going to know what that red dot signifies?"

Hell, you call yourself hardcore and you don't even know what you are looking at.

Please dude, let it go, you're one of the worst trollers on N4G.

Rtard THE HD VERSION3290d ago

defending much here?

So what if he is a troll you make yourself sound like a fucking retard paranoid.

FragMnTagM3289d ago

he was making sense. Darkride was making none. He thought he had an opportunity to troll, but he failed miserably. Anyone with decent eyesight/monitor could clearly see green in the middle and a reflection on the bottom of the power button.

Quit trying to hate on someone that made sense, instead you should be hating on darkride for spurting nonsensical fanboy drivel.

FragMnTagM3289d ago

or you have a crappy monitor. That is clearly a reflection.

Lou Ferrigno3290d ago

Macy's is wack sauce to shop at.. only good thing they got going for them is hot chix at the cosmetics department..
ok maybe OCCATIONALLY some good clothes for cheap.

quiddd3290d ago

That would suggest that their aiming for the not as educated in gaming and relying on the 'WOW' factor.

Army_of_Darkness3290d ago

MS's objective: Targeting the casuals that can't tell the difference between 1:1 and Laaaaaag...

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