PES 2011 New Features and Updates

Over the years the battle between Konami and EA Sports is getting more and more interesting with the rivalry between FIFA 2011 and PES 2011 rising day by day.
With Lionel Messi on the cover and some new features and updates, Konami is trying to regain the title of Best Football Simulator Developer.

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Adu883696d ago

Pes is nice..but i think that Fifa is still the king of soccer

Adu883696d ago

no PES fans around here? :))

Nate-Dog3696d ago

I think it'll be a good couple of years before PES takes top-spot again, if ever, but it can still do it if Konami puts in the effort into it like they did before.

I'm considering switching to PES this year, got FIFA a few weeks ago but am sickened by it personally because of the pure lack of effort EA have put into it and because they think it's fair to give players the same game two years in a row with updated squads and jerseys, not to mention the fact that the game isn't finished and has so many bugs and freezes so often! Crazy.

Adu883696d ago

When you have a major success like Fifa 2010 is risky to change completely the game..that' why they do not have major upgrades with Fifa 2011