Medal of Honor: The First known Bugs After Release

PC Games shows in an article five of the first known bugs in Medal of Honor after the release. Videos inside!

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isa_scout3286d ago

could have 20 bugs and glitches and MW2 still would be a worse game

lazysey3286d ago

the same could be said about your mom, but its too late isn't it?

socomnick3286d ago

mw2 is superior to moh in everyway, even in its buggiest state.

MOH is just downright mediocre thats the only thing you can say to describe it.

KillerPwned3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Their are 2 bugs i noticed one may be a bug or just something natural. During multiplayer gameplay sometimes it freezes for a max of 5 sec. Or when i am searching for a game sometimes i get a EA master server error but i just go right back to searching for a game and then it works nothing big. But that is it all on the PS3 version i have seen. Loading could be a little faster to.

Overall great game.

Nitrowolf23286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

I hate when it freezes
and this game lags terribly

one thing that really bugs me is how long it takes just to get to the push start button when you load the game up.

Deputydon3286d ago

If you are playing on the PS3 version, turn off the system notifications (friends signing in and out) and the freezing will stop.

mcstorm3286d ago

I don't see what the big fuss about the bugs are ive not noticed any yet and I love the game I don't think its quite as good as bfbc2 but the game ain't as bad as the press has made out and as I don't like cod games inc mw2 I'm happy I got MOH