Duke Nukem Forever: Censored Striptease Shot and one new Screenshot Emerged

Some hot stuff of Duke Nukem Forever shows nice striptease dancers.

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dalibor3286d ago

You need to consider getting a girl or just keeping that to yourself. Some people eat while they read comments sheesh.

inveni03286d ago

Why are they censoring a butt crack? I hope the game itself isn't censored. If God of War 3 got away with its jiggles of nudity, this shouldn't be a problem, either.

DevilsJoker3286d ago

I'm guessing they are doing that so it's like 'BUY THE GAME TO SEE THE TITTYS'. Like an erotic version of the cloverfield marketing.

dalibor3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

You do know that the previous Duke Nukem games have had strippers in them? You do know that right? Hell he even uses tiolet stalls as well lmao. You must not have played the previous games I figure.

inveni03285d ago

Yes, I owned all of the previous ones, but I don't remember nudity--only skimpy outfits.

vhero3286d ago

Yeah nudity will be one of the selling points of the game and obviously kicking ass and chewing bubble gum the others.

DarkFantasy3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

haha cool..i really want this game getting day 1!

oh off topic one of there pictures on that site really interested me..some where other there is one lucky guy who has this girl for his gf....i would love to go down the tube..if you know what i mean

TheMutator3285d ago

yeahhh nude with ID tech 3 great