Halo Reach modders caught on tape. WHO is Bungie banning?

Modders on Halo Reach. I have not seen anything like this since Halo 2. The Jimmy is jumping super high and killing us with 1 shot, using the AR. Running super fast and jumping the length of the map. Thanks for watching.

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allyc4t3865d ago

I have faith that they will fix this. They can't stop the hacking, but they can police it.

EliteAssass1n3865d ago

if that's the same 'Fatal' that i know in real life, he could be getting punched in the face within the hour.

BatRastered3865d ago

Did you see that jump with the flag towards the end? How are they doing this? They've got to have a modded xbox, no?

MGRogue20173865d ago

... See?

This is why I no longer own the game & traded it in a long while ago..

kaveti66163865d ago

uh huh, sure you owned it. right.

the modding is a very negligible issue. it's barely there, and if there's one developer you can count on to make sure this problem is fixed promptly, it's bungie.

But not everyone in the world has common sense, so I understand your decision.

MGRogue20173865d ago

Bungie won't be able to stop this.. You know that.

zerocool33973865d ago

@enkeixpress Bungie will do everything they can to get it to a minimum. Yeah they cant stop it but I for one have never had a match where someone has used exploits and so far I have put in quite a few hours into the game. You make it sound like everyone is doing it and you never get a game free of it.

There are more people using exploits on the likes of Call Of Duty than there are on Reach.

I agree with kaveti6616 they will fix the problem as fast as they can, but just like when a new DRM comes out, someone like to find a way to get past it. Like the PS3 copyright, its been done. I have seen the torrent listings for the games, it may get corrected but then it will only present a challenge to the people doing it. Same with this game, and any other online multiplayer game.

outwar60103865d ago Show
MiloGarret3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Maybe they can't stop it completely but they can minimize it i own the game and it's NOT annoying because I've never had it happen to me Btw you sound like a fucking idiot.

Oh and I wouldn't call 36 mp games enough experience to even have an opinion on the game:

outwar60103865d ago

@ above about 4 of those game have been filled with cheaters

TheGameFoxJTV3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

The same way they fixed Halo 2?

ambientFLIER3865d ago

Bullshit...You're saying that around 10% of your Reach mp games had cheaters in them? I've played 120 mp games and not a single cheat. Maybe you're just terrible and confuse good people with cheaters...

pimpmaster3865d ago

ive been LT.colonel G3 since 2 weeks ago and ive never once run into any modders. im glad too cause id rage quit. lol

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ReservoirDog3163865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Well bungie's pretty well known for handling it promptly. That's hardly a reason to just go sell it so soon.

edit: @ above

Hey, we both said "promptly"!

RockmanII73865d ago

I've played 580 games in Reach, haven't seen a modder yet.

CaptainMarvelQ83865d ago

oh and i'm sure you can't get enough of MW2,right?

SixZeroFour3865d ago

i thought you traded in halo for the "unskilled team killing teammates" you ran into while playing halo reach (even tho i later busted you for not playing a single team slayer/objective match

so now its cause of the hackers/modders that you traded in halo?

why not just come out and say the true just arent good at the game (.85 k/d ratio) and you dont like one will bust you for telling the truth

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kaveti66163865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

I just played 10 slayer matches on reach. I didn't come across any modders or cheaters at all.

I'm not trying to generalize and say that this problem doesn't exist. I'm just saying that the problem is not a common occurrence before someone with a hidden agenda posts a comment saying that this game is broken because of a few modders.

Edit: Too late. Enkeixpress posted a comment already, talking shit. He probably traded the game in because he sucks at it.

The Meerkat3865d ago

I agree, I've played hundreds of games of Reach and NEVER seen a modder or cheater.

(I've seen guys who are so good it looks like cheating.)

But even if there are a few modders out there Bungie will just get their Gravity Banhammer out and start pounding them.

Its not like *cough* Activision! *cough*

Codeman4203865d ago

first off i dont understand why they do it they are going to get caught since bungie started the ability for replays its easy to find whos hacking. second you can always tell whos hacking cause they always have a brand spanking new gamertag and gamerscore.

seinfan3865d ago

Generally, cheaters are 25+ yr. old virgins that have small penises, live with their parents, have no significant other, HS dropouts, unemployed, other loser friends (if they even have friends), and blame the world for their sad state of affairs. So they decide to take it out on innocent people just trying to have fun.

Moentjers3865d ago

you forgot: And they all own multiple 360's.

bananlol3865d ago

Thats a werry prejudice definition. I would say cheaters/modders are people who enjoy pissing of other people. They are kinda like forum trolls.

Redgehammer3865d ago

am just glad that I was not the one doing any of the measuring for your comment.

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