Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – PS3 Attitude Review

Konami’s Castlevania began life in Japan in 1986, and since then the series has had a long line of sequels. Today, it’s a well established and revered franchise for critics and gamers alike, with Symphony of the Night regularly cited as being the best the series has to offer. Upon its release on PSOne in 1997, Konami stood steadfast against all the trends of the time; unashamedly flying the flag for 2D, while the rest were being seduced by 3D. New developers MercurySteam are taking a different approach with Lords of Shadow; it’s most á la mode.

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Delriach3288d ago

The controls annoy me. Can't stand it when the game shifts the camera and messes me up. It happens nearly every time.

Nixemus3288d ago

Its just God of War medieval style.