Challenging the Wii’s Supremacy

Slicing and thrusting through the air to control a virtual sword. Flicking your wrist to roll a digital bowling ball. Striking an imaginary golf ball down a tree-lined fairway.
Until recently these living room experiences — using natural, intuitive human movements to control a video game — have been available only on Nintendo’s Wii console. Less powerful than Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3, the Wii has nonetheless become the most popular home console because of its simplicity. To play, people just need to pick up a little plastic wand and swing.

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btk3291d ago

"For a family that has already invested in a Wii and lots of Wii games, spending the money to replace all of that on the PS3 and Move is going to be a tough sell for now, especially with Microsoft’s Kinect around the corner."

I fail to understand the American media. So the Kinect at $150 with less accuracy is somehow better than $49 with more accuracy? Oh wait - MS is an American company.

stragomccloud3291d ago

I think move is a tough sell for families, anyway.

Wii, comes with 2 games and a controller and is ready to go. You only need to invest in the extra controllers. And those controllers, that come with Wii motion plus, are the same price as move. But doesn't require a PSeye like peripheral, or the purchase of additional games. Plus, families are already more familiar with the Nintendo name, and Wii in general. That in itself is quite a hurdle.

However, for families that already own a PS3, move might be just the ticket!