Kinect Software Update Reportedly Fixes Issues

Contrary to what you may have heard in the past, sitting down shouldn’t cause too many problems with the Xbox 360’s Kinect. According to developers familiar with the tech over at Blitz Games Studios, Microsoft’s upcoming motion-control solution recently had its software updated in order to better detect seated users.
"A few months ago they changed stuff around. A lot of developers were like, ’Oh my God! Everything’s broken,’ because all the nodes were moved," Blitz Games Studios chief technical officer Andrew Oliver told Eurogamer. "But then it was like, ’Oh, actually, this is more logical.’"

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ImpartialMan3288d ago

they already said that they found a way to let you play sitting down..

problem is once you sit down, it does not track your feet, legs hips .

only your arm. not even your fingers or wrist movements

rroded3288d ago

which makes the whole pew pew pew joke kinda pointless (pun intented)

still this solves the sitting problem at least tho they have yet to show any kind of hardcore application or games..

no_more_heroes3288d ago

you made me chuckle...

just for that. I'll give you a bubble.

deadreckoning6663287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Don't understand why ImpartialMan is getting disagrees..its indeed a dupe. My God..the anti-Kinect people on this site are too sad for words. They aren't even capable of contemplating that there are OTHER gamers in this world that can take enjoyment from Kinect.

4me23287d ago

ImpartialMan said:
"...problem is once you sit down,
it does not track your feet,
legs hips .
only your arm. not even your fingers or wrist movements"

ImpartialMan is trying to point out some inefficiency Kinect could have if sitting down (I do not know if thats true or not) and that would imply to some negativity about Kinect. So if people disagree about negative points that would make them pro-kinect and not anti-Kinect.

ChronoJoe3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

It's kinda ironic that normal controllers support the only part of the body that Kinect, doesn't. Fingers...

No slight movements actually work properly though, such as wrists. Either.

But fair enough. I guess it's still something doing something new, even if it isn't doing it particularly well. Tech like this usually paves the way for better tech, that actually works.

btk3288d ago

Roughly translated - so now it can identify someone sitting down. Still not accurate and still lags.

Just look at the specs. 640x480 @ 30fps. There is only so much you can do with that. It will never be as accurate as even the Wiimote and will lag a lot more. In short - no matter what fixing they are talking about - it will still lag and be inaccurate. Basic party games at best.

No wrist movement will be detected - no matter how much they fix it. There is just not the resolution to pick up wrist movement. Check it for yourself. Take a 640 x 480 @30 fps webcam. Move your wrist around. Think about how a computer will have to analyse to pick up direction on wrist movement. What you will notice is that the image is usually grainy on a webcam.

For gaming this tech is dead in the water.

dtrain213288d ago

Wow P$3 fanboys still talkin trash in the Kinect article....Did u get bored with the MOVE or did u get mad that Move didn't exceed expectations or disappoinment in sales. Bunch of cry babies

SexyPrawns3287d ago

Do you live anywhere near central Illinois?

Maybe you could come over and play Move with me! I have Sports Champions.

You'll love it!

mrv3213287d ago

They got soo bored they all systematically went around and changed the specs on Natal on every website. Apparently a group of people went back in time to just post E3 2009 and make Natal suck more... and remove features.

Oh wait that was Microsoft :P

Sez 3287d ago

For a minute there I thought you was talking about the ps3 when you said remove features.

See what I did there.

mrv3213287d ago

Sony removed features ONLY the PS3 has...

Remind me out of ALL the next-gen devices


Which is the only one NOT to have a web browser? And yes the Dreamcast did have a web browser.

Sez 3287d ago

And tell me. A web browser in important to a game console how? Please explain that one. It's funny when Sony removed otherOS people was saying it was a feature they didn't use. Because they use the ps3 for games not otherOS. Yet you feel a web browser is more important for a game console then what the console was brought for. Yet I'm sure everyone has a PC,laptop,ect. But if a console doesn't have a browser it's a problem.

One more thing. The ps3 web browser isn't anything to jump for joy about. I've used it and i rather use my pc. Because it sucks

Motorola3287d ago

Your the first person to ever say. P$3. I thought Move was a disappointment in sales, why the dollar sign? fail.

Denethor_II3287d ago

I don't want to sound out of line here, but does it now work with the darker skinned gentlemen?

CobraKai3287d ago

That's a very apt question

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