Sony: Please Add Full Blown Media Center Capabilities To The PS4

Sony’s PS3 has been widely used as a “media center”, albeit in a stripped down version of the form. Up until now, the only viable option for the PS3 is the “PS3 Media Server” software. This software sits on your server and connects to the PS3 via DLNA to allow you to stream said content, however the organisation on the front-end is somewhat lacking in features in comparison to a 360 or a HTPC and is an area that Sony could really improve upon.

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Pedobear Rocks3292d ago


PlayOn and Tversity say hi. If you get this basic info wrong why the hell would I click through?

Jamegohanssj53291d ago

Sony: Please just add everything in existence to the PS4, so these bitches can stop crying. Waaaaa waaaaa waaaaa these fucks need a bottle. OMG MY PS3 WON'T COOK WAFFFLEES! OMG MY PS3 WON'T PLAY CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS! BLLAALWWWWW BAAWWWW WAAAAA WAAAAA. STFU


Now back into character rofl what a tool.


ps4sonynet3291d ago

You take everything as it is and don't care where your hard earned money goes? The customer is always right.. remember that

Close_Second3291d ago

Maybe he knows there more important things to spend your time thinking or worrying about. I mean really, buy a PS3 for gaming first and foremost. Everything else is a bonus.

ExplosionSauce3291d ago

But I thought it was awesome when I first got a PS3, being able to store and play music, movies, chat with friends and go on the interwebz in HD.
It was like all I ever needed in ONE system.
Pretty big jump from the PS2.

But as time went on, I noticed more people thinking of more and wanting more stuff from the system.

I'm pretty sure Sony will come up with more cool stuff for the PS4 and stop worrying for now.

TrevorPhillips3291d ago

Dude relax take a chill pill

Sarcasm3291d ago

I think he doesn't understand what Sony meant by being an all in one media center device.

That means plays Blu-Rays and DVDs, Music, Browse Photos, Play Video formats, Browse the Web, and of course ultimately play Video games online and offline.

Sony didn't say "We're selling the PS3 as a high end PC in which you could do everything a PC could do."

No... That's not the catch phrase last I checked.

ReservoirDog3163291d ago

Haha, well said.

And he's hardly a yes man. The PS3 is a very good system. Can it be better? Sure. But as it stands, no complaints from me.

Accepting things for what they are. One of many keys to happiness.

ps4sonynet3291d ago

Maybe I was a little brash. But I don't see you guys condeming the man for telling me I am a sook :)

All I'm asking for is something that the 360 already offers.. Not the PS4 aka Mr Coffee. I mean really..

Babypuncher3291d ago

All I'm asking for is something that the 360 already offers.. Not the PS4 aka Mr Coffee. I mean really..

i almost took you seriously until i read this....

ps4sonynet3291d ago

That was in reference to his "OMG MY PS3 WON'T COOK WAFFELEES!"

Mr coffee being a referance to Spaceballs =)

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r1sh123291d ago

Can I say this article is pointless.
If this guy wants a real home theatre pc, then have a set up like mine.
I recently purchase the Western digital 2TB my book world edition which allows anything connected to the network to access all the files. Yes the ps3 currently cannot use MKV (the xbox cannot also), but mp3 (all other audio formats) and the divx codecs work. In actual fact the ps3 has I think around 3 or 4 more codecs that the xbox doesnt, again I know this because Ive used my NAS drive with bot the xbox and ps3, and some files wouldnt play on the xbox.. The only thing missing is the MKV support, the nas drive has twonky media server built in so xbox, ps3's PC's, WIndows media player etc... can all read the files that are on there. DONE, i mean sony have patched the previous issues, I can also play any shared media from any computer on the network between the xbox, ps3 and any other Media playing device. YOu just have to know how to set it up.
Jeeeze, I mean use google and stop requesting such silly things when all the media devices out there can utilise them....
Silly article.

Redempteur3291d ago

i don't know what the problem is :
i have 3 (4) options to stream media to my ps3 , some new routers even have some mini media center built-in with TV option..Seriously the ps3 is compatible with a lot of programsso IMO this article is useless really ..
you can choose to stream how you want .

mastiffchild3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Sony: please add more great games for the PS4. I like playing games on my games consoles. Same goes for MS and Ninty funnily enough as all the multi media stuff is VERY secondary and should remain so as a reason to purchase yourself a games console.

Seriously, when the deciding factor over which console you buy is which media features and functions it has rather than what games or which controller it has it will be a sad day, imho. My PC and lappy(and phone and so on) can do all the cross media functionality I really need and on the game consoles it's just a bit of fluff as far as I'm concerned and I doubt most people look into these features as much as they do what games are available for their prospective console-don't they? I certainly hope that's the case anyway.

I honestly don't care what media functions my Xbox or Playstation can manage. Sure, they can be handy but next to beiong able to play Gears or Uncharted they pale into insignificance!

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ps4sonynet3292d ago

Of the three it's the most feature packed and happily bitstreams DTS 5.1 ch audio.

Godmars2903292d ago

Or how about just getting Google to make a version of Chrome for the PS3? Adobe to stop BSing with Flash? Just promoting app development.

Malice-Flare3292d ago

it gives hackers one less reason to legitimately hack the PS4...

gta_manic3292d ago

really, what does that mean?

fan_of_gaming3292d ago

but he might be referring to how they were only able to "hack" the PS3 because someone stole files from Sony, they couldn't actually do it themselves lol

---stone---3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Spoiler Alert!

The PS4 is going to turn your room into afull on Star Trek-esque holodeck.

Play.Create.Fantasize.Make it so.Engage.

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