Bungie is punishing more Halo: Reach cheaters.

mygamertalk- 2 weeks ago, Bungie took action against 15000 people who thought it was a good idea to boost their in game credits by manipulating their network connections. Apparently people didn’t get the message, because Bungie is now doing the same thing again, except with an additional 2 week ban from earning credits. Ouch.

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maawdawg3288d ago

It is nice to see a company actually police their game. I definitely like the "double or nothing" at the end if you want your ban manually investigated.

allyc4t3288d ago

I totally agree. Its hilarious reading some of those forum posts too. Cheaters cry a lot.

XXXCouture3287d ago

thats what makes them cheaters

visualb3287d ago

lets hope treyarch and also Respawn Action learn from Bungie!

not only in making sure cheaters get punished, BUT ALSO MAKE A GODDAMN BALANCED GAME.

TrevorPhillips3287d ago

woow these guys are really serious about there game and strict. Now thats what im talking about. Robert Bowling should've done the same with MW2.

Emilesox3287d ago

I agree, maybe thats part of the reason Bungie attract such brand loyalty, couldn't help thinking that when
MW2 was going through the highs of abuse, the only attention the dev & publishers were giving it was the always upcoming DLC,
rather than any serious attempts to fix the cheaters, they had moved on.

wwm0nkey3287d ago

Thats one of the reasons I love Bungie and im happy they are coming back to all systems now. They have VERY good methods of catching cheaters, jtags, burnt copies, and ect.

Seriously their detection system with that stuff is even better than Microsofts, if you tried to play a burnt copy of the game online you where almost instantly banned FOR LIFE!

muzzy3287d ago

EA/Dice should learn from them and punish teamkillers.

ReBurn3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

It's good to see the cheaters getting punished. I bet the Bungie forums are full of people pleading for their punishment to be reversed and threatening to never play again.

For example:
"So without fair warning, it's alright to reset my account? Did you even consider sending a WARNING message to those of us who didn't know doing things for extra credits was going to get us in trouble? My friend showed me something that just gave you an edge to get CR. Did this hurt anyone? No. I just thought it'd be nice to reach Major and get that nice lookin EVA helmet that I envied people for having. Did I plan on doing this EVERY DAY? Of course not. Did I want to go and become the highest ranked person and Reach and think I was amazing for it? For christ's sake, no. I just wanted that little push to get me started. Way to give us a fair warning. Until this is actually thought about, this game is going on my shelf."

Translated: It was only a little bit wrong, and I wasn't going to do it much! Heh...

Fanb0y3287d ago

And they just keep on comin'. Their tears taste good.

HellsJanitor3287d ago

I love it when the cheaters try to act innocent on the forums. I saw someone trying to say his sister did it.

allyc4t3287d ago

Or brother, or dog. Its funny how many excuses people come up with.

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The story is too old to be commented.