Capcom explains why they chose Mega Man Legends 3 Project for 3DS rather than consoles

Capcom has explained why Mega Man Legends 3 Project is hitting the 3DS rather than the likes of the PS3/360/Wii.

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boogeyman9993757d ago

I'm one of the guys that wanted it on consoles. But it's not going to be bad on 3DS.

deadreckoning6663757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

"Hmm lets see,, ps3 version in HD, 3-D, possible psn integration, or the 3DS in 480p"

Blaster Master, to enjoy MegaMan Legends 3 in 3D on the PS3, a person would have to spend around 1500 bux on a 3DTV and 300 on the PS3. The 3DS is only 250 bux. The cheaper a console is...the broader the audience.

Since most gamers in the world are casual gamers(gamers that can't tell the difference between HD and sub-HD, don't know what anti-aliasing is, and won't spend over 300 bux on a home gaming console), it seems that Capcom is VERY in touch with their fanbase..contrary to what you think.

FarEastOrient3756d ago

The thing is the fans played the game on a Playstation console, I still have Mega Man Legends 1 & 2 along with Adventures of Tron Boone gracing my shelf. Parents getting a 3DS for their kids or those kids will have no idea where Mega Man Legends is even coming from.

ExplosionSauce3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

Same here. I played MegaMan Legends on PS1. I was hoping it would come to consoles.
I'm not gonna spend $300 on a handheld. I'm happy with my current DS and I just don't care much for 3D right now.


3D is not a requirement to make the game. So a "$1500" 3DTV has nothing to do with it. Unless the devs really REALLY want and need to make it in 3D.

RockmanII73756d ago

You guys do know that Megaman Legends 2 sold like shit, right? Why would just waiting 10 years make a sequel more popular?I was hoping for a Wii release and expected it not to be released, so I am very happy that this is finally happening.


Because if you owned a PS1 you will not buy anything ever made by any other brand. People don't need to play every game in a series to buy the next installment to the series, and with it being a Megaman game fans know enough.

ChickeyCantor3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

"(gamers that can't tell the difference between HD and sub-HD,"

Man, gamers really think they are elite.
Why not go outside and see who truly the ignorant one is .

DaTruth3756d ago

Everybody can tell the difference between HD and SD, unless you have really bad eyes!

Before any HD gaming happened and I saw the Basketball game at my friend's house in HD, my eyes were blown out of my head!

"Wow, you guys are use to this. I can see that dude way up in the stands picking his nose!"

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lastdual3756d ago

Is the other reason Capcom's PR guy conveniently left out.

I think the game will be cool on the 3DS, but I don't buy that the decision was made purely for design purposes. The fact is, we probably wouldn't see the game at all if it meant risking $20+ million to develop it for a home console.

RockmanII73756d ago

In a interview from 2008, Kenji Inafune said that to make Megaman Legends 3 would cost $13 Million. Megaman Legends 3 is a huge risk project on consoles.

Blaster_Master3757d ago

Hmm lets see,, ps3 version in HD, 3-D, possible psn integration, or the 3DS in 480p. You know what Crapcom, you dont have to explain yourself, your actions prove that your just out of touch with your fanbase, and every time you make another stupid move, you just push more and more of your old fans away. BTW, dont you think games should be multiplat considering your a third party dev? Im sick of japanese devs this gen.

qface643757d ago

do you know how badly the legend series has sold to date?
what fanbase?

Blaster_Master3756d ago

Im talking about Capcom games in general, and other japanese devs and publishers that all started on console, and sold their souls for little hand helds for the quick buck. Personally I would rather play an old school megaman, but you know how it works. The vocal minority always gets what they want. Pretty soon will see a megaman mmo on the DS or pc.

RockmanII73756d ago

So Megaman 9, Megaman 10, and Megaman Universe aren't enough for you?

Gue13756d ago

MM universe is going to be crap. Everything about that game looks so wrong...

Millah3756d ago

Sold their souls for little hand helds for the quick buck? Sorry buddy, but it's because all you so-called fans weren't supporting them on consoles. No matter how much they want to make all these great games for fans, if they aren't receiving any revenue to support future projects, then they can't make you games. It's a business you know.

It's not a charity for you and you alone, despite what many of you self centered fanboys like to think.

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wwm0nkey3757d ago

You are aware the Legends series is one of the worst selling Megaman titles right? The 3DS provides low production cost, good quality graphics, and a chance of getting a new and bigger fan base. This would have flopped on consoles, I mean hell I wish I could play it on my 360 but it would have flopped.

I can't wait to try Megaman Legends 3 on the 3DS.

wwm0nkey3756d ago

How am I getting disagrees? Legends is my favorite Megaman series but it did sell HORRIBLY!

Megaman42xX3757d ago

"Hmm lets see,, ps3 version in HD, 3-D, possible psn integration, or the 3DS in 480p....""...BTW, dont you think games should be multiplat considering your a third party dev? Im sick of japanese devs this gen. "
No contradictions there.

In the beginning of the video below when asked what game fans want Legends is what most people heard as the response. They've also admitted that it's partly being made because it's something they really want to do.

Jaces3756d ago

I don't mind it being on 3DS, I've been dying for a 3rd, but I would of SOOO LOVED it to be on PS3/360 with a 1080p 40" HDTV.

Tiny screens hurt my eyes ;P

Shnazzyone3756d ago

It shouldn't even be a big deal. Any self respecting gamer is going to buy a 3ds anyhow. With it's launch lineup you would be stupid not to. BTW, capcom is still making Marvel vs capcom 3.

And who the hell can afford a decent 3d tv compatible with ps3? I'm thinking considerably less then can afford the 250-300 dollar price tag on the 3DS. So if your making a 3d game, it would be stupid to make it for ps3 when 3ds is on the way.

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Godmars2903757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Sure it might just be because they're lazy, can't code worth a damn on HD consoles, certainly not on a level where they'd capture much less advance the gameplay of MML1/2, but lets face facts this is all just a personal attack against me.

I'm sorry you're all suffering for it.

denero13757d ago

its a big smack in the face to former players a handheld cant capture the glory of a previous console title while were at it lets take take halo:reach and uncharted and shove them into handhelds yay

not dissing the 3ds because its gonna rock but come on megaman legends 3 :|

despair3757d ago

its always money, expecting the large DS base to purchase the 3DS so more to buy the game, plus its cheaper to develop for handhelds than consoles so they save money there. Why bother with fans who want a great game with fully realised gameplay on a format that will do it justice and not be limited by lower space and tech.

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