Fallout New Vegas Guide to Attributes and Skills

Two types of statistics define your character in Fallout New Vegas, and that are attributes and skills. Your character's attributes are represented by the acronym S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and determine the value of your derived statistics as well as the starting value of your skills.

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dontbhatin3284d ago

i wish i could get interested in games like this. i get bored after a hour of playing through the tutorials though....

EazyC3283d ago

There is no tutorial.... You can do what you want straight away. If anything, F:NV gives you more freedom than just about every game on the console market!

O/T- This is just taken straight from Fallout 3! It just gives a description , with no tips or anything.

Check this out. Keep an eye on it, loads of stuff will be there after release date!

Bolts3283d ago

Hours of playing the tutorials!? This is Fallout not some lame emo JRPG like Final Fantasy.

Tru_Blu3283d ago

Not sure about hours but it does start slow and picks up after that. Like any RPG lol. Yes FO:3 had flaws, some bad. But you are cheating yourself if you don't play it, great game. Going to gamestop(I know I hate em also) at midnight Monday to get New Vegas myself. Not sure if I want to do hardcore then clean up or play through then do hardcore. I'm a glutton for punishment, like hard games lol.. so prob just go hardcore from the start. Have to be careful not to break any bones though lol.

STONEY43283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Bethesda games are always: play 30 extremely short tutorial to learn the very basics and choose your class, skills, and introduce you to the story, then free-roam and do whatever you want to.

In Oblivion the beginning dungeon-like tutorial was about 30 minutes. In Fallout 3, the Vault tutoral took about 20. After both of those were finished, you arrived outside, and you could literally do whatever you wanted to do. In fact, it's hard not to be overwhelmed as to where to go. You don't even have to do the story related missions, I know I ignored the story alot of times and just went around exploring and doing side-quests.

3283d ago
MasterD9193283d ago

A game like this you literally turn on and have the freedom to do whatever you please. You could choose to not do anything related to the storyline even (although I don't see why). Tutorials are there but are more there to hold your hand before they throw you to the wolves...Its an easy game to pick up and learn. The tutorials are also very easy to grasp and not above anyone's reach.

I'm always amazed at people who just simply can't enjoy a game like this...The freedom and the content pays for itself. The amount of enemies, locations, guns and potential quests is massive as well. It's probably the RPG-like elements that turn the FPS'ers away from games like this...Its a shame because the Fallout series is a great series to get into.

The biggest change to Fallout is obviously location....New Vegas sounds great with lots of interesting points to visit. I'm psyched to see the Nevada wasteland even though it probably won't differ too much from the D.C. wasteland.

I'm also really interested in seeing where they go next for Fallout 4...New York? London? Who knows...but Vegas is a great start in the mean time.

dontbhatin3283d ago

well damn wasnt expecting to get jumped on by people for giving my opinion. i never said this game specifically. i said games like this. i was just putting out my thoughts. didnt want a few fallout gamers jumping on my comments and disagreeing with me. sheesh