Erotic Game in Development

StrengthGamer: Illusion Soft, a Japanese adult game maker, is working on a product that allows players to have sex with virtual girls. Not by humping the air mind you, but by sticking their junk in a device and well... humping the sh** out of it.

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Wildarmsjecht3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )


"Touch your body and she'll touch hers!"

The game practically markets itself.

Aww, looks like it really isn't for Kinect or Move..but rather it's an actual peripheral you buy and F*@# the S%*# out of.

.....sad face.

KratosGIRL3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )


Watch it while it's hot

Acquiescence3286d ago

She's got proper floppy boobs. Spaniel's ears if ever I saw them. You'd think, what with her being animated and all, that they could have perfected her babs and made them more appealing.

InfectedDK3286d ago

Watch some porn and wank instead of this lol

n to the b3286d ago

thanks for the vid link.

but if they're going to bother trying to take it to the next lvl of virtual s3x... shouldn't the on-screen image be more point-of-view-ish, and not a side shot?

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pinkyxyz3286d ago

hahahahahahahahahahaha........ really...hahahahahahahha

Neckbear3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Oh Japan. You never fail to amaze me.

chazjamie3286d ago

oh japan you never really amaze me anymore.

i am not sure how you can wank to that, cause your need both hands to work the peripheral.

ZombieAssassin3286d ago

Lol nice, too bad it's not for ps3 I could import it and give it out as christmas gifts

Akagi3286d ago

C'mon, you'd buy it for youself.

chazjamie3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

oh god no. you can do that with a mouse. just clicking the whole time, or move it in that motion.

ZombieAssassin3285d ago

ha yea my x-mas gift to me, you got me

Bolts3286d ago

But I think my device will need a bigger hole.

goosepoose3286d ago

why in gods name would you put your dick in that plastic thing? that is disgusting. its worse than a fleshlight.

lol, that thing is so lame. if the plastic dildo breaks, you can use a bananna.messy, then you can your dick in it.

Apollyn3286d ago

Don't diss flesh lights. Prefer a tebga black though my other half hates them as I love them more!

/s... or am i

chazjamie3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

1. this is the interenet.
2. this is a gaming site.
3. you were interested in a hentai device.

i dont think you sarcastic, but then i would be confirming every negative stereotype about gamers. which goes against everything i believe in. so for now. i will say both, you jerk off to hentai, and your gf hates watching you do it. so you got a fleshlight so she only see's your balls. but she still doesnt like it. but you continue.

i know. i should be writing for csi l.a not new york.

visualb3286d ago

its for your d!ck, not your ego

n to the b3286d ago

is there a difference? j/k :)

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The story is too old to be commented.