Medal Of Honor: Okay To Release A Game Depicting Current War Events?

Gaming Union:

In efforts not to beat a long dead horse, today's topic will not be based on the relevancy of EA's decision to change the name of the "Taliban" in Medal Of Honor to "Opposing Forces" in its multiplayer, nor the validity of Jack Thompson's claim to have single-handedly defeated EA games, but rather to highlight on the brooding question that keeps popping up from many gamers and non-gamers alike: are people ready for a game depicting a current war, or political event?

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mephman3698d ago

It's always a fine line really.

Sanrin3698d ago

Yeah, but gaming catches a lot of flak just because a controller AND a tv is involved. People can only seem to handle war if they're only looking at it.

Kioran3698d ago

People can gawk at it, but pushing a button and making a fake death is just to much I guess, haha.

Hardedge3698d ago

If movies are moving pictures, wouldn't games be interactive moving pictures?

ShawnCollier3698d ago

Don't tell that to the soccer moms, though. :p

tunaks13698d ago

wait until the war is over before you start cashing in on it.

gcolley3698d ago

seems if you ask the country who started this war, apparently not