IGN: Civilization V Has No Soul

You'll have heard by now endless arguments about why and how videogames are unlike cinema. They are distinct, systemic interactions defined by rules before emotions.

Civilization V is an overwhelming game. It contains volumes of self-referential statistics and arcana.

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darkcharizard3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

@ Below:

Everything doesn't need to be compared to UC2 you know.

@ Guntrol

Uncharted 2 is better than MGS4

Hideo_Kojima3286d ago

Why not?
Uncharted 2 had a big ass soul not as big MGS4 but big none the less.

MiloGarret3286d ago

Soul, really? The summer blockbuster equivalent in videogames had more soul than the videogame equivalent to a dying composers final opera? Jesus christ.

(I'm not saying Kojima is dying... only that mgs4 was his supposedly last MGS)

Btw Civ5 kicks ass, but I don't have time for it. IGN... meh.

bananlol3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

IGNs opinion is worth just as much as yours, and if you study statistics you would lern that the margin of error is smaller if you trust ign because their opinion is a average of several persons. And you cant really compare msg4 to uncharted 2 if you want to be fair to both games

ABizzel13286d ago

@ Above

An opinion is nothing more than one persons take on a given subject.

I don't care if IGN or anyone else says something is great, if I don't think it is then that's my opinion. A video game reviewer should only review games in the genres they like or else their opinion will have a harder time matching with the general audience of that genre (for example IGN's recent review of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2).

The prime example of a game review should be from the perspective of 3 people.

1. The hardcore of that genre

2. The standard player of that genre

3. The casual of that genre

Those 3 people have different views and expectations of games, and should be treated as such.

DigitalAnalog3286d ago

IGN gave it a 9.0....

I know these guys are ass.. but it REALLY, REALLY is advised to read the content before commenting.

-End statement

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ipwnall3286d ago

And I disagree. Strongly.

Civilization 5 is an amazing game. Now that we have that out of the way, we can continue to the matter at hand. Another IGN article downplaying a game they gave a great review to (other examples are Uncharted 2, and Killzone 2). This game is beaming with soul. From the amazingly done leaders of each nation, to the mods that add even more than Firaxis can. A game like this can't have the same "soul" or cinematic quality (emotion) that a game like Uncharted 2 can. It's about the gameplay, and there it succeeds.

Hideo_Kojima3286d ago

Games that have souls are games like MGS4 (wow just wow), Uncharted 1&2, even Halo 3 and Reach have a soul.

Games that had no soul are games like?

Red Faction
Killzone 2 (I still liked the game but story wise it was shallow)
Modern Warfare 2

This last 3 games are fun but they can't move any emotions inside of you. Kind of like playing connect 4.

Where you don't really get attached to the game psychologically.

bananlol3286d ago

No current game has a soul. Having a soul means being self-aware.

-Ikon-3286d ago

Yet MW2 one of the most soulless games around scores big on IGN.

Tony P3286d ago

This article is a highbrow exercise in lowbrow criticism.

TOO PAWNED3286d ago

Civ 5 doesn't have a sould because it is 85% same game that CIv4 was. Just too much of the same i quit after couple of days, i got so bored since i felt like i was playing CIV4. it has no soul at this point, doubt it can "find" one.

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BornToKill3286d ago Show
fr3d03286d ago

I have this game. Lots and lots of soul. Soul by the bucket full.

In fact I think I'll go play it now.

Gambit073286d ago

It's a video game, obviously it doesn't have a soul.

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