NIS America Makes A Statement With Prinny 2

Gaming Union:

NIS America recently announced the coming of Prinny 2 to North America. Dubbed Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood, the lovable penguin demon of a hero returns in the side scrolling, action adventure platformer. NIS America have revealed the box art for the localization today!

Even better, complaints have been made about how steep the difficulty curve in the first Prinny game was and NIS America have certainly heard them. They won't be fine tuning the modes already available though. Instead, they've introduced a whole new mode aptly dubbed the "Baby" mode for all the pour souls out there that couldn't share in the tough love that Prinnies constantly get.

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mephman3286d ago

Very funny indeed, I wonder how well this will go down with those who complained.

Hardedge3286d ago

It'll probably hurt their ego more than anything :P

Sanrin3286d ago

Baby mode sounds hilarious, and awesome for anyone who wants the humor without the work.

DigitalAnalog3286d ago

HHAHHAHHAA. Either that, or they're really sticking with the Disgaea humor here.

And also, dam* casual noobs!

-End statement

imoutofthecontest3285d ago

"all the pour souls out there"
^ I found this funnier.

Like, souls you POUR out of a container? LOL.
"We're out of souls! Aw damn. Lemme open a new bottle."

Hardedge3286d ago

The challenge was what made the first game so damn addicting, I'm totally psyched for this.

Neckbear3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

At least the game makes fun of them this time around.

mephman3286d ago

Yea, it's nice to see a lighter side to gaming.

DigitalAnalog3286d ago

If Killzone woule have a "Twitch-gaming" mode for people like this.

-End statement

eggbert3286d ago


I think it's mainly how they end every sentence with DOOD.


Hardedge3286d ago

It's what makes them so annoyingly charming xD


Skullomania3286d ago

Hardedge is right Dood. XD

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