LBP 2 North America Beta Codes

Beta codes for Little Big Planet 2 are currently being released now in north America to those lucky few.

But for the rest of us who cant get our hands on a code, LBP 2 will be out on January 21st.

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T9X693697d ago

Son of a bastard, no code for me :( Looks like I will be waiting until January. I actually almost won this game from the Subway PS3 promotion, I matched LBP2 and LBP2 Collectors Edition about 10 times, talk about almost shitting yourself knowing you almost won a game that isn't out yet lol.

despair3697d ago

lol hard luck man, as usual I didn't get any codes either :( man I wish I had good luck, won 1 thing in my entire life and it was rigged lol.

T9X693697d ago

Yea I was so mad, but I did end up winning a Sony Bloggie HD Video Camera so I guess I can't complain. Usually I have good luck when it comes to beta codes and most of the time get more than at least 5, but not to lucky with LBP2.

A Cupcake for Gabe3696d ago

I'm downloading now. I've been watching some beta levels. Beta for LBP2 is better than everything in LBP combined. First PS3 game of 2011 and probably the GotY winner!

windmill1453696d ago

I received a beta code but I didn't sign up or participated for anything, I haven't even played LBP1(but I did play the beta for that one). I guess its completely random, everyone should look in their inbox regardless if they're expecting one or not. Ether way I know what I will be playing tonight.

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blackblades3696d ago

I won LBP2 from it, hope I actually get it.

euchreprof3696d ago

and my 8 year old daughter couldn't be happier. (although the beta is only gonna be going for the next 3 weeks)

-Alpha3697d ago

Two of my lucky friends got in, I'm still hoping there is a public beta to make up for the delay.

versusALL3696d ago

Same here dude, either way I'm still getting the game no matter what.

3nd3rth33696d ago

I'm sure there's a level for that ;)
But this is awesome. I'm sorry for gloating. I was just so freaking excited and wanted to tell people.

LittleBigSackboyPS33696d ago

I see my friend playing it and I was like


thebowkid3696d ago

The inbox is PSN message or actual email?

Nitrowolf23696d ago

i wish they would do PSN messages with an official Picture logo on the from part. They did it with earthworm jim when they wanted to warn those who downloaded the demo will have issues. I hate going to my email just to check for a message, yeah its not really a big issue i just would want to see that feature use more.

Forbidden_Darkness3696d ago

@nitrowolf: They did that for the Dead Space 2 beta for me, it was pretty cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.