Halo: Reach campaign matchmaking is live, details on next playlist update

XMNR: Bungie has gone ahead and taken away the "hand-holding" and added a campaign matchmaking playlist to Halo: Reach today.

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-Alpha3286d ago

Awesome, two new maps for free! Can't wait to see more community maps.

Wish Forge would get some better things like proper textures. Hate the bland metal look of everything.

Love the new playlist updates, glad they got rid of Infection in Rumble Pit, it's all anyone ever picked.

Queasy3286d ago

I haven't taken the time to play with Forge much but I agree about the textures. Needs more variety in the colors at least. Still, what little tinkering I've done has been cool.

Janitor3285d ago

Damn,this is the game that keeps on giving,I think I'm gonna jump on that 800 point rebate thing going on so I can get the map pack basically for free next month too.Yeah