Bungie Weekly Update - 10/15/2010

Bungie: We’re officially one month and a day into Halo: Reach’s lifespan according to my calendar and that, dear friends, is cause for some celebration. At the very least we should fire some stats off into the nighttime sky and kick the weekend off right. Sparklers in hand, our online team has some numbers that pack a whole lot of punch.

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T9X693288d ago

117 Million Daily & Weekly challenges have to be completed by other people to let me progress in a game I paid for? I'm sorry but that's BS. I enjoyed Reach while I had it, but I got Dead Rising 2 instead and enjoying myself more with this, some people might think it's no big deal but I love games that offer a progression system, and when it's being restricted for stupid reasons, it pisses me off. This to me, is like EA locking BFBC2 maps on the disc and saying they will release new maps in the future for free, but in this case it's a ton of visual unlocks for your character.

jdktech20103288d ago

You realize all that credits are being tabulated and you'll rank up as if the cap was never there? So when the cap gets lifted and you jump like 2-3 ranks, will you please kindly come on here and tell us how informed you were?

T9X693287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I've known that for a while now, and while it's nice they carry over, it defeats the purpose of the cap in the first place. Not sure about you, but I would rather level up as I earn it, not jump a bunch of rank. If you started off in a game at level 1 and played for a month with a level cap and shot up to level 50, what's the fun in that?

@Weaksauce1138 - I've been at the cap for weeks now, before I traded it in, I booted up Halo Reach offline, and it showed me my real rank, which is Commander Grade 3 over half way to Colonel.

I've got every achievement and like I said before, been at the cap for weeks. Not progressing through the level system and only having like 9 maps can get boring pretty quick. Also they wont be raising the cap next week, it wont be until November sometime.

@SpitFireAce85 - I traded Halo Reach for Dead Rising 2 because I have a bunch of games I'm getting in November, so when they lift the cap in November I will be to busy playing those games to go back to REach and didn't want to drop another $65 on Dead Rising 2. I was original going to get DR2, but got Reach instead, and I loved the first Dead Rising so I said screw it and traded it in. I have no regrets either, I'm having a blast with Dead Rising 2 and working towards 100% completion and have been enjoying myself more with DR2 than I did with Reach.

SpitFireAce853288d ago

you traded Reach for Dead Rising what the hell did
you do that for..?

Weaksauce11383288d ago

I highly doubt your capped nor will hit the cap before it is raised next week sometime.

RockmanII73288d ago

Just checked, and he does have the achievement for buying an item at Lt. Colonel. He hit the cap.

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Myst3288d ago

Wish they'd put classic firefight as an online mode for the firefight playlist :/

HellsJanitor3288d ago

Me too sort of but at least we get the full set now and a bonus round. Infection and snipers also got their own playlist.

Myst3288d ago

Yeah that's kind of cool. Think I may try out quite a few modes.

SixZeroFour3288d ago

somewhat unlikely, but im sure if they felt like it, they could put in classic odst firefight whenever they wanted seeing as how they can easily put in and take out maps and gametypes whenever they want

Myst3287d ago

Why would it be unlikely? Is it because that is's essentially never ending? Either way it still think it would be cool :)

SixZeroFour3287d ago

that, and that if they wanted to, i would think they would have put it in at launch rather than tweak it to l round (or set, i keep forgetting the terms for that gametype lol)

they prolly tweaked it to the way it is now cause of some limitations/problems they experienced with making it matchmake-able...and on the other hand, they could have tweaked it cause they thought ppl wouldnt have fun with endless sets

so there could be a possibility that its just the latter and they could bring it in at anytime...but i personally think it was the first reason

m233288d ago

So we get 2 new forgeworld maps on tuesday, awesome. It's cool to see a fan's creation getting added to matchmaking. The finally added glacier to firefight matchmaking, and the increased time limit is good news for me.
The method of lifting the cap is pretty cool, so now people will be motivated to get those challenges completed, and it'll give me some time to catch up.
Another awesome update from Bungie.

bodybombs3288d ago

yeah except ive been sitting at lt. col. g3 for about a week now and i wanna move on.

HellsJanitor3288d ago

117 daily challenges completed here. If only 1 million people would join me.

DaBadGuy3288d ago

Glad they are adding a Living Dead playlist, I'm loving Infection. Infection on Pinnacle is awesome, but it's a double-edged sword, if you are a human and make it to the tower and you have a team, you're pretty solid. Poppin headshots with the pistol off the tower and shotgunning zombies in the face as the try to jump up the side is sweeter than candy.

BUT if you are a zombie, it sucks. If I had a nickel for everytime a barrel roll got out of control and I went hurtling into the deep blue, I'd have an assload of nickels.

Smug ass zombies trying to get in my tower and shit. I ain't havin that. That's a sweet deal, and you know how many channels that big ass dish gets? Showtime comes in so clear I can see the red blood cells in people's blood on Dexter.

crzyjackbauer3288d ago

thank god for bungie
"more kill, less frill."
i cant stand playing infections games
thanks bungie for fixing Rumble pit