Most Scantily Clad Women In Gaming (RunDLC)

The video game world is full of hot women in super tight clothing, from the gorgeous Lara Croft to the butt cheek flaunting Cammy in Super Street Fighter IV. Some gals, though, take things to the next level, wearing outfits that show just about everything. That said, the following ladies enjoy donning as little clothing as possible.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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awiseman3290d ago

1000 degrees by tomorrow afternoon im calling it.

JBaby3433289d ago

You may very well be right. Kind of a short list if you ask me.

toaster3289d ago

Journalism's finest, people.

Buff10443289d ago

Even I will disagree with that one.

BlackBusterCritic3290d ago

STOP APPROVING THESE! This website gets enough BOOB AND TIT articles and TOP 5-10 crap articles! Please, lets stop approving these and FORCE "journalist" to actually write a tangible article.

Buff10443289d ago

Tangible articles...that doesn't even make sense by the way...go up all the time. Stop being so angry about nothing and just read those. It's the silliest thing that "gamers" always fall into. Don't want to read it? Then don't click. But you do, each and every time. Self control, sir.