AMD Quietly Reveals Next Radeon Series, Launches Next Week

AMD is launching its second generation of DX11 GPUs next week. Question is even the 4000 series GPUs play most current games maxed out "without dx11 effects of course". Does anyone really need such powerful hardware? unless they want to be gaming on triple screens.

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Fred-G-Sanford3293d ago

I had been planning on going crossfire with another 5870 when the price drops (after the 6000 series cards come out) but more and more I am asking myself "what for?".

99.9% of the games I play with my single 5870 run at 60+ frames with everything maxed out @ 1920 X 1080.

It makes the 6000 series cards even less attractive to me.

Games really need to start taking advantage of the amount of horsepower that's available with today's GPU's.

dirthurts3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Upgrading your card again will be mostly a waste until the next gen consoles finally make their way around.
I hate long console cycles. They're such a progress stunter...

kaveti66163293d ago

what are you talking about dirthurts. The PS3 is more powerful than any card on the market. It's every other platform that is holding the PS3 back.


8800gtx3293d ago


"It's every other platform that is holding the PS3 back"

Which is why PS3 cant run a single first person shooter in 1080p :P Something even us 4 year olds manage.


toaster3293d ago

ROFL not to mention with Anti Aliasing and better textures.

kaveti66163293d ago

Oh, geez. sorry fellas. I forgot the /s.

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SkullBlade1693293d ago

"The PS3 is more powerful than any card on the market. It's every other platform that is holding the PS3 back."

Is that why the PS3 versions of games all look worse than the PC versions?

Even my ancestors can crush the PS3.

maawdawg3293d ago

From the early rumored specs on the new cards I will probably be looking at picking up a 6850. Due to PSU limitation I can't Xfire anything heavy and the 6850 outperforms the 5830 but on a single 6 pin setup with a similar powerdraw to a 5770. If they slot it in the price range of a 460GTX 768-1gb I will be all over it for the future Xfire ability on an AMD board.

hoops3293d ago

Should be interesting indeed

Pandamobile3293d ago

I've got my eyes set on the flagship 6000 series card :)

Snakefist303293d ago

My target is Ati Raideon 5870.If prices drop enough.

Keltik823293d ago

It's a damn good card man, I have it and love it!!! This card alone is just so powerful it's ridiculous.

NYC_Gamer3293d ago

amd will continue to eat up market share

dirthurts3293d ago

But AMD makes it soooo hard to resist...

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