Ex-SAS Operative weighs in on Medal of Honor controversy

GamerZines writes:

It is the turn of Ex-SAS Operative turned author Chris Ryan to weigh in on the controversy surrounding Electronic Arts' latest title, Medal of Honor.

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tacosRcool3288d ago

There is really no controversy. Another way to try to kill the game

4cough3287d ago

The game, killed the game.

XXXCouture3287d ago

you should learn to enjoy games instead of your little triple a games philosphy that reigns supreme at n4g

isa_scout3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

the game is actually very good if you would actually give it a try i think you would agree. reviewers just bashed it because it doesn't carry the COD name. anyone that's played MW2 and has any sense could tell you that much. does the game have flaws? of course, the snipes in the multiplayer is overused and theirs a few small bugs throughout the campaign, but nothing on MW2's level of mediocrities. no it's not perfect, but i've been playing games on all systems for about 20 years now and from my experience i've NEVER played a perfect game. just enjoy the [email protected] thing and quit over analysing it just like the soldier said it's entertainment nothing more.

RankFTW3287d ago

The game is awesome, it's just too many people are like sheep and have not even played the game before criticizing it.

XXXCouture3287d ago

they read some lame review and comes with the exact same cos and pros.. like you say, what a bunch of hypocrite sheeps...

SMW3287d ago

Agreed. Lacked the big Wow moments MW has, but still overall a better game IMO.

Made me think actually, that Sony needs to get a studio making a Modern Warfare style game with the KZ engine. I found my self hitting L2 constantly trying to get into cover....

360nPS3rTheSAME3287d ago

A real world military shooter with the kz engine. I'd definitely buy that. I'm into kz but I'm not much of a sci-fi shooter so that would music to my ears.

SMW3287d ago

Yeah. I really hope someone is doing it. Im sure Sony is completely dumb...

360nPS3rTheSAME3287d ago

but to bring attention to the idea you should do an article about that. That's a great idea that I bet sony isn't even considering.

Ares84PS33287d ago

Awesome in my book is different.

I was actually looking forward to the game but after 2days of playing, beating the campaign mode and playing some hours online I can safely say that this game is anything but awesome.

It's short in every department.

The story mode is extreamly short. On hard it took me less than 6hours and that's just because I was looking around the environment.

The mp mode is a joke. 3classes with 3-4weapons each than for extra weapons you get the enemy armies weapons??? WTF is that??

Leveling system is also a joke. You can't talk to your friends in the lobby you create. You can't talk to your friends while the game loads up and it takes a very long time to load a map.

Other shooters walk all over this one.

To be could have been a great game but I think it was rushed out way too early.

This game isn't awesome. Stop defending it.

BeOneWithTheGun3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

And not only is "hard" mode a joke, so is the AI. Graphics are laughable and it felt like I was playing Battlefield 1943 with turbans. I'm not dogging the game to be a prick, I was really excited for this game but once I started playing it I felt so let down. I have never seen so many jaggies...yes, graphics are not everything but I expect to be able to look at a window and not feel like I'm tripping on acid.

EDIT: Yes, I played the entire game. I have the trophies to prove it. BeOneWithTheGun = PSN handle.

Hufandpuf3287d ago

The game is great, it's not the best out there but many people who have played the game highly respect it for what it is, a realistic and modern shooter. Sure it has flaws in snigleplayer, like lo-res textures and is buggy sometimes, but it tells a story that everyone needs to experience. It's an experience that makes you respect to soldiers in the war. The game just suffers from the lack of the save the world feeling that Call Of Duty or Bad Comapany 2 has, and because of that it has faced flak from gamers, but accolades from reviewers and observers because of it's authenticity. PLAY THE DAMN GAME FIRST!!!

dalibor3287d ago

I am going to pick this game up. Some of my online buddies who have this game have told me it's good. Plus I have supported COD franchise already, haven't supported MOH this generation of gaming yet so I will def. pick up MOH now.

m-s-8-23287d ago

My thoughts on the game. SIngle player is dull, only up to the 4th mission and having trouble finding the motivation to continue. Multiplayer is like BC2 on a smaller scale, but still way ahead of CoD.

Mortimer73287d ago

Lame marketing from EA. First they say you can play as a Taliban to create controversy aka publicity then they delete this option. Another ''No Russian'' style marketing. Controversy is marketing these days.