GameXplain: Castlevania Lords of Shadow Review

GameXplain Writes: "Castlevania in 3D has never worked. For one reason or another, the platforming, combat, and exploration have all fallen flat. With the release of Lords of Shadow, Konami and MercurySteam have finally broken that curse. Anyone expecting a game styled after Symphony of the Night or Aria of Sorrow should drop that idea immediately. This is a Castlevania that draws its inspiration from the earlier games and the multiple stages of Order of Ecclesia. The ultimate outcome is a gothic horror adventure that borrows elements from other games but is ultimately a true reboot of the Castlevania franchise."

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andresegers3289d ago

This game is surprisingly good!

bearsfaan3289d ago

Hmmm, it sounds good, but I don't know...I don't trust Castlevania games to ever deliver anything new. Maybe I'm just a hater.