Conflicting Gamers: Halo: Reach – One Month Later

Conflicting Gamers, "With most die-hard Halo fans having had the opportunity to enjoy Bungie’s swan song for the better part of a month now, we thought it would be interesting to examine the biggest release of 2010 thus far from a more “experienced” perspective. We’ve seen all the launch reviews, heard all the regurgitated specs. But now that we (and most fans) have fully gotten to explore all that Reach has to offer, we wanted to cover the points all the other reviews may not have touched on."

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This article shows Reach's biggest problem, the story was great for Halo fans especially those that read the books and not newcommers. I personally like it better that way but obviously it has some people scratching their heads.

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The books do indeed have a rich backstory that fleshes out the Reach saga in more detail, it just would have been nice to see it come to life on screen with a little more depth than the short Reach campaign offered.

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