IGN's Favorite GoldenEye Memories

It's been thirteen years since Rare's seminal GoldenEye 007 redefined the first person shooter genre for consoles. With Activision's upcoming GoldenEye remake coming exclusively to the Nintendo Wii this November, IGN decided to rack their brains and reminisce about what made the original so great.

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Matthew943293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

i brought goldeneye into my school with 4 contollers and its still as fun today as it ever was.

Complex, golden gun, 2 teams and a lot of camping :)

or Temple, Flag tag, turbo mode and automatics was another good combo

few games have as fun multiplayer, except mabye timesplitters 2 but i never played 4p on it.

coolbeans3293d ago

A means of temp. escape, hiding in stalls to suprise enemies, and a lot of "screen-looking" :P.

DarkBlood3293d ago

man it was fun hiding in the stalls n stuff when i played this game god wish i hadnt sold the game and the system along with the other games back then as a kid *stupid me* but oh well i'll find it again someday ^.^