1UP: Our Favorite Gaming Moments

1UP writes: "In recognition of 1UP's 2010 relaunch, we decided to have some extra fun and look back at some of our treasured game memories from everyone on the editorial staff. We may talk about some sensitive spoilers, but otherwise, enjoy!"

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SmokexFFx3288d ago

That fight on the submarine in MGS4, wow.

Blaster_Master3288d ago

So they show their true colors. The only true gaming journalist that work for 1up are Tina Sanchez and Jeremy Parish. Everyone else is nothing but a bunch of cliched wanna be gamers that only write for video games cause its their job, not because they love video games. Oh teh mario 3,, oh mike tysons punch out,,, those are the same dudes that think jrpgs need to be more innovating, and making our games suck because of their influence on gaming publishers.