GamesRadar: Dead Space Ignition Review

GamesRadar writes: "Dead Space Ignition, in its very concept, is weird. Its functional existence is the same as Dead Rising: Case Zero – which is, for a mere five dollars, to serve as an appetizer to get people excited about the subsequent full retail game. However, while Case Zero provides an appetizer of actual gameplay from Dead Rising 2, Dead Space Ignition contains none of the gameplay we’ll see in Dead Space 2. In fact, it’s not even a survival horror game, but a choose-your-own adventure motion comic punctuated by hacking minigames."

You'll love

* Racing game is kinda fun
* Laser-bouncing is nice
* Get a special suit for Isaac

You'll hate

* Story doesn't add anything to canon
* Acting, dialogue, and comic visuals all horrible
* Tower defense game is pointless

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Quagmire3289d ago

wow, the only reason to play this horrible game is for the suit unlockable.