NWR: Kirby's Epic Yarn Review

NWR writes: "Kirby's Epic Yarn, the new platformer from Wario Land: Shake It! developers Good Feel, is not the hardest game you'll ever play. There's a challenge, but the challenge lies more in collecting all the hidden trinkets and getting a good score than making difficult jumps and avoiding getting a game over. Most gamers will not struggle to beat this game, but that in no way means they should skip what is one of the most imaginative and jaw-dropping platformers in recent memory. What Epic Yarn lacks in challenge, it makes up for in inventiveness and creativity."

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darkcharizard3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )


* Splendid graphics
* Creative and amusing gameplay
* Cool Kirby transformations
* Tons of collectables
* Awesome music


* It ends

............................. .............................. . .............................. ................

Awesome! Can't wait to play this!

eagle213294d ago

I knew this one was special when I first layed eyes on the trailer at Ninty's E3 conference. :)

turok3294d ago

concur. cant wait to get my hands on this.

Cyrus3653294d ago

Told ya'll this game is gonna get good reviews.

Shoko3294d ago

Yet another quality Wii title for 2010

thebudgetgamer3294d ago

i guess tommy telarico influenced me into that.

with that said this game looks epic.

limewax3294d ago

Never played Kirby before but I am getting this. I dont play much on the Wii. Me and my partner play the sports games etc every now and then. But I play the core titles. I know the no death bit sounds a bit lame, but actually this can be good, If you ever played LBP you will know some of the best levels for a platformer are the ones where you cant really die, not that theres anything bad about the ones where you do. And actually this would mean my partner will get into this a lot more, which is good because she really wants to play this game too but hates dying all the time

Neckbear3294d ago

You can't die. It might result frustrating for some, but man, I love dying and having to repeat things from the start.

That's just me, I like challenge. I'm sure I'll still enjoy it, but I'd enjoy it more if it was somewhat...hard.

Not like other Kirby games have had remarkable challenge, though, they were easy as pie, as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.