Pro gamer Dennis "ZDD" Dozier talks about the Frag FZ Shark

Professional gamer and "Call of Duty" champ Dennis 'ZDD' Dozier talks about playing FPS games with the FragFX Shark vs a standard PS3 gamepad.

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utahnd3285d ago

I cannot wait to get my hands on The Shark. I have tried all others(Fragncrap) & nothing touches my SF FragFX V2. Now it seems as though The Shark will indeed make my controller of choice a tougher decision. C'mon November.........

N4Gtekie3281d ago

I saw the FragFX Shark during SplitFish's tour in San Fran and got a chance to test it out. It is totally awesome peice of hardware. As close to PC gaming I could get on PS3. It was very smooth and responsive like the pro zDD was showing. They have up the level of play with this new controller. It seems the only place to pre-order though is at or hmmmm. I wonder if they will have them in stores also?