New PS3 controller from Split-Fish includes wireless mouse

Performance gaming peripheral maker Split-Fish is soon to release to the public a new controller setup designed specifically for use with first-person shooter (PFS) gaming titles.

The company's upcoming controller setup, which the company as dubbed the FraxFX Shark, is a unique (some might say oddball) gaming controller.

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ico923287d ago

Better off just getting the Eagle Eye imo

SactoGamer3287d ago

This is supposed to give you one-to-one movement. Eagle-Eye has a slight delay.

mastiffchild3286d ago

Meh. I just wish we had to all use the same DS3 all the time for shooters on the PS3. The thing I like best about online console gaming(as opposed to PC gaming and leaving my personal feelings about immersion and whether mouse/keys is actually too fast to be realistic and compelling despite being obviously more effective out of it for now)is the fact nearly everyone will be using the exact same tech and controller-that it's normally a more level playing field and thus a truer test of skill.

Playing ~UT3 with a mix of mouse and pads was a farce and reminded me(though it was a lot more exaggerated)of the way I felt when playing shooters towards the end of my love affair with gaming mouse set ups-was I just winning because my set up/mouse was better? Becasue my rig was better etc. Was I losing because it was inferior or because the oppo had been cheeky and desaturated the backgrounds to make our teamn stand out and so on. I felt the same doubts about the fairness of competition and things like this are designed to get me thinking about that "edge" again which I hoped I'd left behind when I started playing shooters on consoles alone. Naturally I know people cheat and hack and use lag switches and so on on consoles. I know you can get a lot of different controllers as well but the fact remains most 360 and PS3 gamers use the systems own controllers online and as a result the gaming, imho, is fairer. I find that a lot more important to me these days than competitively finding a little edge with my set up.

I know ~I'll get ripped for this(people love their mouse/keyboard shooting-hell, I used to feel the same and there's no doubt it's still easily the most effective way to play a FPS and always will be)but I honestly prefer feeling the guys and gals I play against are either losing to me or beating me because of relative skill than anything to do with the stuff we're using. Controllers like this just remind me of the carousel of gaming mice I've been through in the past and that every day the level playing field gets a bit more bumpy. Sadly. But don't hate m,e for falling out of love with mouse/keys for playing shooters! It's just my opinion you realise and I'm always wrong anyway!

Truth3286d ago

I wholeheartedly agree man. +Bubbles